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Calculated Impending Doom

Hehehe, so in less than 30 minutes I have a final in a location that I am unsure about. I forgot to check my email before I left for the room number. I know it’s in Tate. I know it’s on the first floor. So that leaves me with about 3 possible rooms based on lecture size. Luckily, our TA is the proctor, so.. Look for him, and I’m set. But just watch, I’ll end up taking the completely wrong final.

As for studying I didn’t do much. That could turn out to be my downfall as well. I went over some of it this morning, but who knows if it will stick or if I know the stuff. Sometimes, when I start a test it all comes to me. Then again, sometimes, when I start a test, it all leaves me. We have yet to see what this final will do to me.

The ISMS seems to be working. My goal is to get people to post to the ISMS more than I post to my site. That might be quiet a goal, but who knows. If I get 2 people posting for every one post of mine… That’s all it would take. So someone pick a topic for the ISMS and get it going. Maybe a raging debate over which is better linux or windows. Or how about Vikings Packers. Heck, for all I care, you can debate whether the white on black looks better than the black on white design. Just post stuff, I would love to see what you people are thinking as opposed to you just knowing how I feel about sex before marriage.

OK, I better go find that room before it’s to late. I’m out. Good luck to all of those of you who also have finals this week.

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