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Ha HA HA HAHAHA. JJ had fun? How can that be? No one is sure, it must be this new being a troll concept. It seems to be better than being a frog.
So yeah, did nothing for 5 hours. That was a boring, worthless, waste of time. I then got all dressed up and commenced in heading to a dance at the dunes.
It took me a while to figure out how I was going to handle not having a date. But I got it. It wasn’t a problem. I even sang! Can you believe it? !!!
God did some amazing things for me tonight. He made me feel like Orion the hunter. I felt good. I felt happy. I felt different. I then proceeded to go bowling with a group of friends.
It was fun. I enjoyed it. I than came home early because well, my mom decided my curfew should actually be set tonight. I think she thinks I might be dating someone which scares her.
I think she is wrong because well, I dont have a girlfriend. Oh well, time to come crashing back to earth. Maybe Ill do it like those monkeys in that one music video by Gorilliaz.
Who Knows!

Music Lyric of Day
“Gett’n Jiggy with it!”

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