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Playing with fire

In less than 8 hours, I have a physics final. I don’t think I’m going to study for it either. Just not something I think I need to do with this one. Hopefully it goes fine. Later tonight we have the matrix. I should either go get tickets before I leave for the final, or have Nikki get them and pay her back later. Don’t really know… Right now the group looks to be Nikki, Amber, John, and Myself, with the possibility of PK and crew if we go see it at Marcus instead of Carmike (*rather unlikely at this point*).

If anyone knows why the MBR on a Hardware based Raid Array isn’t working, could you please put it in the ISMS. I have no clue what is wrong. Dan has no clue what is wrong, and based on our abilities… One of us should have been able to figure it out. Reminder to self, if Dan’s name doesn’t link in this post, add the code to do that.

I’m currently working on the first step of building the linux server. For now, until we can figure out what’s wrong with the MBR, we are going to have to use a boot floppy to get the computer to boot up. This isn’t really a problem because the computer should never crash as long as we keep it set up the way it is currently set up. Cool huh?

Ok, I’m going to go now.

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