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But Seriously

It was this morning that I crawled out of my bed. There were no sheets on my bed.. They hadn’t been dried in time after running them through the wash. My pillow bag was my shirt from yesterday. My blankets, ones given to me as a kid. It was an odd site to see, but if you understood how late I was up just being, you would understand why I never made it back upstairs to finish the wash.

The Wild lost last night to end their amazing post seasons play. It wasn’t a shock really. It wasn’t even something that made me upset or disappointed. There is next year afterall.

But to get back to this morning… My last final for the year was today. It was a great final. I think if any final had to be on a saturday morning at 8:00, it was the one. Computer Science is a great way for me to finish the year.

Amber and I spent the lunch hour together at Tartan Park. Its a nice park, calm, serene, good park, and only golfers and squirrels around. I think because I have so many memories at Tartan, I should do one of those I remember things…

I remember…
When I was younger my parents always bringing us to company picnics. I can remember how they would give us each a ticket for ice cream. Pop would be lined up on the edge of the pavelion window for all to take. Grills would be cooking fresh burgers and hot dogs. There would be a buffet of salads, chips, fruit. A true company picnic.

When everyone was done dining, the kids would go play on the playground while all the adults all sat around and ate. After awhile their would be games like the three legged race, or a relay, or a candy drop. The kids always got something. Whether it be extra ice cream or some small toy. After that they would normally have a raffle or bingo. I can remember thinking how come I never won the raffle. I realize now, only the parent who was part of that division won.. I don’t think my name was in the drawing.

On the playground I can remember spending countless hours spinning in the ‘fun house.’ It was basically and oversized hamster wheel for kids. Kinda freaky that thats exactly what it is. Scarier is how much time I spent in it. I remember now that I hated going to those picnics.. They took away from my Nintendo playing time.. But looking back, they were kind of fun, and make going back to Tartan, all the more worthwhile.

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