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Its raining (Visions of You)

The morning got off to a good start when my phone went beep at me about an hour before I had expected it. Ironically, I had been awake, but just laying there when this happened. This beep, signalling an incoming message, informed me that I should get online so that I could start the morning talking with my darling Amber. Always a great way to start the morning… Now if only she was feeling better and had all her homework done.

I don’t know if Amber has Lauren reading my website, but in all fairness I thought I would mention her in this post.

Its monday night, so perhaps TV night at someone’s house.. Might even be season finally night. Don’t know.. Should probably find out if Nikki is working. On that same note.. John seems to have vanished off the scope for a day. That’s kinda rare as of late.. especially with all that freetime he should be having now that school is out… Hmm, maybe he will post something tonight or in the ISMS after buffey so I know that he is alive..

I never obey internet laws, but I try to keep people happy with them.. I didn’t want to copy the whole work that I stole from this site: OtherWhere. This is NOT my work. I am just going to quote it for refrence. You can find the whole page here: http://www.otherwhere.com/visions.htm ok so what am I quoting? This…

Visions of you floating soft on my brain,
Love’s phantoms endlessly real,
Visions of you that I cannot contain,
Memories no other could steal.

Come and hold me now,
Head upon my shoulder,
While the world grows older.
Speak of love to me,
While my soul grows bolder

Read the rest :-), I’m out.

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