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A Served Plan

So yesterday was the first day I missed updating in sometime.. Based on that, I should be able to get a decent post out of this one. Maybe something meaningful. Maybe just a recap… Whatever the case… Let’s do it.

To start with, the graph was supposed to return yesterday. It didn’t because I never made it to my computer. The graph would be returning now, except, I’m not at my computer.. I’m at MSA… Therefore.. Perhaps tonight it will come up when I actually get a chance to work from my home computer.

So what has Justin been up to these last few days? Ready? Ok…

Yesterday at 12:00AM, Amber and I officially became a couple. This was based on a delay suggested by parents and friends. Why we delayed I will never really know, because for me, it feels like we’ve been dating forever already *in that good way*. It’s truly amazing to go into a relationship already knowing so much about the other person. It allows you to kind of skip that getting to know you stage. And yet, I find myself learning all sorts of new things about Amber that I never knew. Things about her past, her family, her friends at school, her life… Little things that I never knew could matter, or mean, so much.

So for those of you who remember my first relationship, the aspect of talking on the phone has returned. We are slowly moving towards shorter conversations, but still they are meaningful, and I feel they always will be… What’s the expression. “You found it when you can sit with someone for five minutes in complete silence and walk away feeling it was the best conversation you’ve ever had.” It’s a good feeling. So that brings us to what else we have been doing.

Yesterday morning was softball again. Not that important to mention. Nikki and I went out to lunch and discussed stuff while playing trivia. Apparently all the grad parties *including mine* fall on June 7th. Go figure.. That’s ok though, I wasn’t to keen on having mine to begin with, so the fewer people, the easier it will be to entertain/clean up. Also talked a little about the upcoming prom.. But I’ll get into that more here shortly.

After that I went and picked up my sweety from school and we drove to see her mom at the Salon.. Somehow *and some would say this was about time* they got the idea to wax my eyebrows.. So that’s what they did. They waxed my eyebrows.. 🙂 I believe Dan B. would be proud that I am no longer a member of his unibrow club. I gave Amber and her mom complete permission to do a makeover(s) on me. So I could be seeing some hip style changes coming soon.

After that we went up to Mapplewood Mall for awhile and DDRed. I’m out of practice to a point it’s almost disappointing. It almost makes me want to drive up to Carmike again every night just to practice. Maybe it would be less expensive to just buy a hard pad and go over to Amber’s every night :-).. No, won’t do that either.. If there is anything Amber and I might have to work on here in the future.. It’s keeping everything in balance…

Coolest part: AMBER DDR’d. WOOT. Just being willing to give it a go for a ground ment a lot to me. We cooled off by racing and playing pinball. Minor note: Never play 8-bit games with Amber standing on the side.. she just causes me to mess up :-). Speaking of 8-bit games.

We stopped at Funcoland before we hit up the Mapplewood Mall. Their selection hasn’t been completely bought out by me yet, but it could be soon. I ended up walking away with 4 games. What games? Well, I never thought this was going to happen. I thought I would have to buy it on Ebay… But Amber was with, and because of that, it would seem that they had the original FINAL FANTASY in store.. I bought that up faster than you could say.. um.. Final. Soon, I fear there may not be a funcoland in the state of Minnesota that carries Nintendo games…

After Mapplewood, we then went back to church. It was fear factor night and our group didn’t win. But it was a good time. Lots of friends to say goodbye to it being my last night as a senior and all. Eh, I’ll be back next year.. Just watch.

For a brief interlude from all this action and happiness with my sweety, I’m going to interupt with what I’ve been working on at MSA. My primary project has been building the new Webserver for next year. Actually, I’m sitting on that computer right now.. So for all those computer junkies who wonder what it takes for Justin to be happy with a webserver, your about to find out. Think it just meaning having a simple HTML server like apache running? Maybe a few addons like php? Nope.. This is currently what is being built for the school’s, dan’s, and my pleasure:

Apache 1.3.27 – The backbone to it all. Using Apache 1 for compatibility reasons.

Jpeg6a – for building Jpeg’s on the fly

Zlib – for compressing random things on the fly.. mostly images…

Libpng – for building png’s on the fly

GD-Image – For building images on the fly

ImageMagik – For building images on the fly from Word Documents

MySQL – Database engine for website(s)

Freetype – For use of TTF in on the fly images

Libwmf – for pulling Microsoft’s wmf files out of documents.

WvWare – for converting Microsoft word documents to html on the fly

Samba – for connecting to our windows server to allow user websites

Jakarta-Tomcat – for a java servlet engine

Java – Backbone to jakarta and used with php

Ant – Backbone to jakarta

ArcIMS – A web map server, simpler to map quest used for generating maps on the fly from raw data..

PHP – the thing that brings them all together into one nice useable comptuer

Cool huh? Well ?I gots to go get my sweety and sister so later all.

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