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Heart Murmurs

Just got back from baby sitting Amber’s little cousins. They were great. Jack, the 5 year old guy and I hung out most of the night. We ended up building this sand castle which I would have love to have taken a picture of had I had my camera at the time. It was tall, had windows, a tunnel, a moat like area, bridges, and above all—christmas lights, thanks to a trip to my car. We had a lot of fun building it. The girls, Amber and Sierra spent most of their time together. Sierra is I believe they said 20 months… which makes since considering she was born on September 11th. Strange, she will never know what the world was like before that imfamous date.

Both of them are cuties, like their cousin :-). I think I may have a new friend in Jack. Luckily, I’ll get to see him either this thursday at a t-ball game, or at the latest, this friday to see Finding Nemo. We should have a good time. It’s great being with him and Amber.

Well, I would post more, and I should be posting more.. That’s two days this week where I missed an update completely on said day. In all likely hood, I won’t update tomorrow either (*prom*). Either way, it’s great. Amazing. Wonderful. Love. Just keep it in balance JJ.. Keep it in balance.

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