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You Complete Me

So, I will say a few words, and hopefully update big later. The incoherency of my last post is explained by how awake I still am now. I think this might be the first time the time stamp will be from 4 in the morning. Thats crazy man.. Crazzyyy.

Prom was, amazing. Phenominal. Spectacular. Amber was 10 times that. No, more. 100… Infinitiy? AMAZING, BEWILDERING, CARING, DARING, EXCITING, FUNKY, GREAT, HAPPY, IRRESISTABLE, JUSTINS, KILLER, LOVELY, MEGA, NARLY, OUTSTANDING, PRETTY, QUIRKY ;-), ROCKSTEADY, STARRYEYED, TASTY (melon flavored chapstick, yum :-)) , UNIQUE, (my) VALENTINE, WOW, XXX, YOUTHFUL, ZING-ZAP-ZOOP (in other words, shes got it all).

Derek’s at 9, so I sleep. My love to Amber, my girl.

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