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Busy Busy

I like it when life is busy. It makes me feel like I’m accomplishing things. So because I have some time here to update, let’s get going.

Let’s start with the past few days. Monday, I again went out on the boat with Amber’s family. This time they did some fishing while we relaxed and talked and just enjoyed the summer life. Afterwards, we went back to Amber’s house and had some grilled food. After that we spent some time in the hot tub. All in all a GREAT day.

Yesterday, was even better, as they seem to get with each day that passes. I woke up in the morning with a fever, which is never a good thing, but despite it I went to class anyway. As soon as it was over I dipped out and headed home and took a nap. That did a lot for me. Got me a least feeling well enough to go out. I then went and got Amber from school and we went back to her house and studied. Her mom then called and informed us of some Twin’s tickets we could enjoy. So we grabbed them up and headed out. Got a little lost, but overall made it both there and back pretty well. Jack was there, I felt bad telling him I couldn’t be there for his softball game tomorrow due to a BOD meeting I have tomorrow night. BLAH is what I have to say to that. At least we get to go see Nimo on friday. That should be a blast.

Ryan and Nathan along with the rest of Woodbury Lutheran’s baseball squad was there as well. That was pretty cool. I was hoping I would run into the crew we worked with the first time we were there, but that’s ok… Seeing them was funny enough.

It would seem though today that I again have loads of things to do. In a moment here I will head home and start working my way down my list. It could turn out to be a challenge. Here’s what my schedule looks like for the next few weeks as far as I know.

Thursday, May 29th – MSA Board Meeting, 5:30 to finish, or my resignation.

Friday, May 30th – Finding Nemo with Jack and Amber, wish us luck 🙂

Saturday, May 31st – Tech Saturday, 10:00am-4:00pm at MSA for school play.

Sunday, June 1st – Senior Sunday, don’t think I have to do anything because I won’t be helping Vicki tonight.. Sorry.

Monday, June 2nd – Play Dress Rehersal from 6 to 930ish

Tuesday, June 3rd – Play Dress Rehersal from 6 to 930ish

Wednesday, June 4th – Play Dress Rehersal from 6 to 930ish

Thursday, June 5th – The play opens Curtain call at 730, 630 call

Friday, June 6th – MSA Graduation *WOOT, BLAH*

Saturday, June 7th – Graduation Party from like 330 to 530 or something like that. 630 School play, 730 Curtain Call

Sunday, June 8th – Church, 1pm call, 2pm Curtain for play.

Monday June 9th – First day of true vacation, let’s enjoy it for a few days

Thursday June 12th – Brush up rehersal from 6 to 9

Friday June 13th – Play from 630 to 930, call at 730

Saturday June 14th, 1pm call, 200pm curtain.. We have a slight dilemma in that The ball is at 530…. And there is another call at 630… I am clearly going to the ball, because it’s a prior engagement, the question is, who will we get to fill in for me… on closing night… BAH. I hate getting double booked, especially on accident.

So it going to be busy the next few weeks. But either way. I’m going to head home now, right after I talk to Minsley as to how to deal with this conflict. Bye Bye.

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