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Countdown to Fishy’s

5 —– Hours remain until I see finding Nemo with Amber, Jack, and Michael.. Man, Amber has all these cute guys following her everywhere she goes ;-), at least I know she’s mine.
4 —– People will be going. I’m a little curious about food, but perhaps we’ll just get popcorn and pig out on that throughout the movie. Whatever the case, I’ll be ready for it.
3 —– times today I got to kick in kickball today. Didn’t even get out once. Great game, we won. I kind of enjoyed kickball more than I did softball… It’s more open, and a little more fun to see people getting nailed with the ball. On top of that, it’s a little more high scoring, and evens the playing field for those clumsy 7th graders who can’t swing a bat… On a minor note with that.. those same people were found falling backward when trying to kick the ball today.
2 —– people arrived at my house yesterday. Both my grandparents. They will be staying with us until they can get the trailer back and my grandpa is in full health. He had a fall that did a lot of knee damage. He’s getting better though, something we pray for everyday. I always enjoy my grandparents staying with us. More household choirs get done that I would have had to do otherwise :-), ok so that’s wrong.. but it’s true… On top of that, they make for great conversationalists after school or at breakfast, or just about any other time of the day. Grandparents just rock in my book.
1 —– week remains of my highschool career. So what did you all think of a full year of posts, witnessing almost every day, and surely every week of my life between the beginning and end of my not so senior year at MSA. Really? You didn’t think I went to MSA based on what you read… huh.. that’s funny… I think your right though, I think I wrote the words U of M more than MSA… who knows..

Ok, well I got some household chores to finish before my funfilled exciting afternoon. 🙂 Laterz.

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