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Stereo Dance Champs

My title is what I did with my day. It was senior sunday at church. That went well I guess. The day started off with me being angry at my family, but overall it worked out ok. Eh, what can you do.

Amber’s Home ! :-). I went with her to her sister’s dance recital. That was cool. Ash did a great job as did all the other dancers. She did such a wonderful job I even forgot to mention my joke about her dancing with a girl and dressing like a guy.. stupid costuming department…

Before that I put a car stereo into Nikki‘s car. For those skeptics, yes it works, no we didn’t break Nikki‘s car, yes I could do it again. It’s pretty cool looking. I kinda like it better than mine, but no MP3 so :-(.

To jump back, went to dinner with Amber’s parents as well tonight to Champps. That was good. lots of fun in my mind. But yeah.

I’m not really in the mood to post so *WOOT* HERE WE GO!

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