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The wonderful sport of kickball just ended for me at MSA with our team winning at the last second. Tomorrow we go back to playing softball. Now see, there is an interesting phenomina happening on the field. It seems we all get tired of kickball much faster than we do/did of softball. Maybe it has something to do with the easability of playing kickball. Maybe we are all just restless and want this year to get overwith.

I ended up leaving my keys at the field, so shout out to the Fitze’s who took some time out of their day to help me get my keys back. I knew where they were, it just happened to be a mile away from where I was.

In about 30 minutes I will be going out to lunch with Nikki, probably at Damon’s. Maybe I’ll call John and have him join us if he’d like. It’s good to have friends.

After that, I’ll go pick up my sweety and my not so blood sister. Then I will take Mel home and probably study with Amber. I like studying with Amber. We get to sit outside, I get to learn some stuff, I get to help her, I get to be with her, and from time to time, I get to make her smile while she’s doing homework. I can see how having someone there that isn’t distracting you from getting it done can actually make the time go by faster, and learn more (hopefully).

I then have a meeting about a website with a person from a place. I don’t really feel like being more specific than that.

After that, hopefully I get some dinner. Perhaps the hamburger helper I tried to make lsat night but failed horribly. Who knows.

After that.. Play practice. It’s going well, but blah.. It’s not the worlds funnest job. I think I will let Colleen practice the show again tonight while I sit by and perhaps play Ultima Online or something like that. I should close my account anyway. Maybe I’ll program or update this site or something productive like that.

K, well I want to check my email before lunch, so I’m out. I’ll see half my readership tonight at play practice. Oh, that reminds me. If you would be interested in having the ability to have these posts emailed to you, let me know. I’ve been thinking about adding that feature kinda as a weekly digest you can have delivered to your inbox… The JJ Express we’ll call it. Ok, Out I go.

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