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Smells of Success

So school is less than 24 hours from being over. I donÂ’t even think I will go tomorrow. I donÂ’t have softball till like 1 in the afternoon, and we arenÂ’t going to play. Eh. Who knows what I will do. I need to find a copy of the schedule though. I do want to sleep in. Well, I will say it here, and in the ISMS, congrats to all my friends that have completed their high school careers along with me tomorrow. You know, it almost seems fitting to do something with this time I have now to do some long posting. Not a bad idea.

I am again stuck in the middle of the school play. Tomorrow is opening night, so if anyone wants to come feel free. YouÂ’re all invited, but donÂ’t feel you have to come. I will be doing this 4 nights, maybe less, so thereÂ’s no need to even see it. ItÂ’s not like IÂ’m in it either. Just to let you know what you would be seeing if you came:

You would see me sitting behind a computer pushing random buttons causing random sounds to be played at random times during the play. Hopefully I donÂ’t hit a wrong button, otherwise, the wrong sound will play and the actors will be ALL confused.

People on the street gossiping about life. ThatÂ’s basically what the play is about. A group of people who live in a building and gossip about everything. ItÂ’s an array of people, some Jews, some Christians, and some wellÂ… others.

A C02 gun fired off. Yep, someone gets shot with compressed air. Yay!

Feet stamping on a wooden stage. ItÂ’s sad that our stage makes so much noise when people move around. Eh.

So thatÂ’s basically what I have to say about it.
I spent the afternoon with Amber. We started off just by taking her home. The idea of going out to dinner came up so after I left and came back, we went out to dinner at SGT. Peppers. Nikki was working so we got to say hi. Good times to remember. Speaking of memories, letÂ’s take a trip down memory laneÂ…

Preschool – Was spent at a church based organization. I met my first best friend their, John O. We both loved video games and were always pretending we were Super Mario and Luigi. We built Nintendo’s out of paper and tape, and played them in our imagination for hours. We also made Mario comic strips. My mom saved some of that stuff and I plan on scanning it one of these days and uploading it. I can remember him getting a Sega and this being really controversial. It started our own little Sonic Vs. Mario debate, but eh. Nintendo won out when the SNES came out. I can remember riding bikes in my front and side yards. I can remember a school play I didn’t want to take part in, but was force too. All very interesting memories. I also was in day care at the time with my substitute grandma. I have many memories there as well. Some other time maybe.

Kindergarten – I went to Woodview Terrace Montessori, a small private kindergarten. I can remember meeting Jonny K. there. Cool kid who would follow me to all the schools I went to until 10th grade. I remember learning about constellations and seasons there. I also learned how to draw my first maze. Yet another thing I want to scan… A maze I made back in like 5th grade. I stayed friends with John O. even though he was going to Woodbury Elementary at the time. I also met a kid named Scott S. He had some issues with feeling pain, which made him a little more aggressive, and a lot dumber to fight. He was considered the bully. I learned then that it was a good idea to be the bully’s friend. They don’t pick on their friends. I’d like to say I even had an impact on the kids life.

1st grade – Middleton was my first real public school. Mrs. McBride was my teacher. She would teach us our gym classes, how to write, how to add and subtract. You have to love questions like, what happens if I subject 9 from 6. Never ask those questions in first grade. During this year I was friends with many people. I had known Ben M. from church, and so we got along well the first day of school when we happened to be in the same class. I also met people like Keith E., DD Y, Andy B, Jason L, Cory V, Lacy G.. Keith and I grew to be best friends at a daycare organization known as RKK. We would draw things like spacecraft and airplanes. I can also remember being in cub scouts with that group of guys. I have some pictures to upload of that as well. Keith and I would continue to be good friends over the next few year, we never really stopped, just didn’t see each other as much.

2nd grade – Was Mrs. Dotson’s class. She played a major role in cultivating my need to use and my love of computers. It would be her class that made me believe I could build robots, program computers, and do just about anything I wanted. I can remember building a airplane out of popsicle sticks that we hung from the ceiling and it flew around in circles. I can remember she put me in a group of 4 that would learn a computer programming language known as Logo. Logo was my first programming language. It taught me the basics behind loops, logic statements, and even a little bit of graphic art. All very cool in my book. I also met Gabe this year. Over the next 4 year’s, he and Rich would be my best friends. We would start construction on Lego City, a huge city built out of Legos. Pictures of that can already be found in the picture section of this site. Man.. Those were the days. Time to rebuild the city. Time to make some movies, right Sim?

3rd grade – I don’t remember to much from this year. It was Mrs. Hanson’s class. I seem to recall having advanced Math with Mrs. Wahl. This was the year I met Richard (Sim). Who knew then that we would grow to be best friends. The weird part is, I remember it starting as some kinda of rivalry between him and Keith. Something to do with basketball, maybe? I don’t know. Rich turned out to be one of the best life long friends, and now, someone I would consider my brother. Every memory since then that has any significance, he has some role in.

4th grade – would have been Mrs. Bomsta’s class. I handed in something like 30 assignments late that year. I don’t know what it was… For some reason I just never could get any work done on time. I would leave it at home, or just forget to do it. Only one kid had me beat that year, and ironically, he was considered the class genius. We had this theory that the smart people were all very forgetful. Man.. Just think, if I wouldn’t have understood the materiel AND not been doing my work. Now that would have been a bad combo. I can remember art class as well with Mr. B. For those of you who are curious where he went, he will be teaching next year in the building that is behind my back yard. Still teaching 4th grade in his relaxed kind of way.

5th grade – I had 3 great teachers that year. Mrs. Larson was my primary teacher, but she left on pregnancy leave. Mrs. Kane replaced her for the rest of the year and did a great job filling in. She did a great job cultivating my love of math at that point. She would give me these logic work sheets. My social studies teacher was Mrs. Genter. She did a great job just teaching me about history, and putting the love of learning into me. Other than a few of my teachers, I don’t think anyone has inspired me quite as much since. This was also the year we founded JR Corps. It started from a article we wrote in a Time magazine kinda style. Richard founded his half on Pluto, and I found JR Moon Base. I’m trying to remember all the logistics of what each one of us was famous for. I remember mine had something to do with everlasting life by putting your brain into a computer. Sim’s is escaping me, I guess probably because I didn’t write it. I think we also set up the underwater bases at that point as well as a few others. Man… To hop back, the only other thing I can remember doing that intertwined with Sim up until that point was a language we created to confuse Char and Amy in Mr. B’s class. Man alive. I remember playing the cannon game, and taking more logo classes with Mr. Caldwell, another very influential person in the development of my programming skills. Man Man Man. Lots of stuff.
Ok, well the practice is almost over. I have written a lot so far. Maybe IÂ’ll write about Junior High in my next post, or the post after that. I would love to get into more detail about some of the stuff here butÂ… No time. Maybe I should bring back the I remember thing.. Eh. Maybe I should upload more picturesÂ… EhÂ… Well I gots to go now.. So Later Posts readers.

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