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No Updates? WTF?

Ok, so I’ve been a bad bad bad person. The combination of finding a girl I can care about, graduation, parties, small amounts of MSA work, and the school play, have limited the amount of time I have spent on computers. Come to think about it… I don’t think I’ve spent that much time away from a computer since either Camp Shaminue when I didn’t have one available to me, or um, sometime last summer. Maybe I’ll get some bigger updates done later today after the Mapplewood Mall.

Um, let’s see. Went gambling for the first time last night and game out ahead 42 dollars. That was my sign to walk away. I think I can handle blackjack at a casino now, as well as PacMan the video slot game.. Now if only I could find a Tetris video slot I would be set. Coolest part though, being able to take that money and buy a new tetris game if I wanted… Or something else. Or something else than that.

Either way, I’m going to be taking off now. I will probably update later tonight with a bunch of pictures. I have this relatively cool idea for my thank-you cards that will make them cool and seem like I put time and effort into it.. Ok, so ‘seem’ might not be the right word.. because it would mean I did put time and effort into the thank you cards :-). Ok, well. Shower time people.

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