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Thank You

As I find myself in a bowl of busyness, I realize a few things. One, I should probably be working on something else right now. Two, I am almost busier in the summer than I am during the school year. Three, the busyness is a good thing. Four, that this list is already one item too long.

Let’s do some recapping.
Yesterday, I was awaken by the sound of my cell phone ringing. Out of all the sounds that wake me up, that is my second to least favorite. Now this isn’t true all the time. It completely depends on who’s calling me. If it’s Amber calling to tell me she loves me, that’s cool. I love those phone calls. If it’s my dad calling to tell me to mow the lawn today, I get upset. Someone telling you they want you to mow the lawn is defiantly NOT the first thing you want to hear in the morning.

I managed to get out of bed at that point, come upstairs, and decideÂ… I really didn’t want to do anything just yet. So I thought about updating here, but didn’t get to it. I started my thank you cards and managed to finish like 2 of 30. At my current rate, this could take awhile. I wonder if anyone out there is not so smart, such that they a send thank you for thank you. If that effect daisy chained, just think about how busy the postal service would get after like a week. We’d be talking probably sending 2 or 3 thank you’s to one person a week. I wonder if that would have a positive affect on people’s attitudes. It almost sounds a little like the pay it forward scheme.. except.. not.. Speaking of which, I need to see that movie again. And speaking of movies, when am I going to start regular movie nightsÂ… Maybe after all the chaos that is graduation, the ball, and life in general.
I wanted to start something yesterday with my post, but I never got to posting, so I guess I’ll start it here. Here is what I plan to put at the top of my posts, as soon as I get back to regular updates:
Things Accomplished Today *yesterday in this case*:

Mowed my excessively large yard.

Picked up tux from the dry cleaners for the upcoming ball.

Got gas for the tractor.

DDRed with Amber and her family, including two cousins.

Ate dinner while watching Austin Powers.

Wrote 2 thank yous.

Not to bad all considering. OK. Well, I’m going to jump on the stuff I need to do for today. Erg, play practice tonight. I’m not to keen on that. I can’t wait till tomorrow night which should technically be my last night working on the play. Am I forgetting to update you all on anything? NoÂ… Good..

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