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Things Accomplished:

Got my hair cut thanks to Julie S. and a phone call from Amber’s mom. By the way, to plug the hair styling, be sure if you want a good hair cut with a good hair washing with a good eyebrow waxing and just about good everything, check out: http://www.bellacapellosalon.com/

Got Amber from Salon

Went to church and spent $210 dollars for Sonshine and mission trip to Arizona.

Picked up UO: Age of Shadows from Richard‘s. Warning, refreshed UO addiction on the horizon.

Got some quiet time with Amber as well as DDR in with her cousins. I believe another addiction may be on the rise as well 🙂

Arrived at the Play.

And that’s where I am now. At the play. Amber is out and about babysitting Jack and Sierra. I would much rather be there. It would have been fun to spend another night building a huge sandcastle. I probably would have spent the rest of the night trying to get Sierra to let me hold her. It’s been a long time since I’ve held a child. I kind of miss it. Note to self: upload pictures of Kavin and I.

I’m thinking about trying to type the script as it goes tonight. That might be a little crazy. Eh. Then again.. no.

Just got a TM from Amber, Jack misses me. Cute. Melissa says hi to anyone that is reading. Jessami is here as well. So many people tonight, its a full house. Amazing I tell ya. It’s a sucky play. Really. It is. I have to have my picture taken tonight as well. Yay.

Hmm. I could do the memory thing as well. Eh. I don’t know, I think I’m going to post this now and go do something else while the play is going. Later O post.

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