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96 Hours Of Stuff

Things accomplished in the last 96 hours:

Movie Night At Amber’s

Mission Trip Meeting at Church

Purchased Cumberbun

Picked up Amber’s Dress and My Tux from respective houses

Went to Amber’s G-Ma’s and got ready

Attended Richard‘s grad party

Attended Emperor’s Ball


Drove to Eau Claire

Ate at Olive Garden

Drove To Amber’s G-Ma’s

Went to Amber’s Aunt’s graduation party

Went to 2 Fast 2 Furious

Hot Tub at Amber’s

Worked at MSA

Chatted with Nikki, Amber, Sim, John, Mel, etcÂ…

Painted Amber’s Room

Got Ashley Addicted to Ultima Online

Went to Jack’s T-Ball Game

Movie night was cool. Amber was baby sitting when I got there, but I picked up DDR US Mix and brought it over. We then put Rush Hour 2 in the DVD player and started watching. Amber shortly arrived after that, and we sat at the computer looking at Ultima Online. That is of course until Nick started putting ice down Nikki‘s shirt with the help of Amber’s Cousins. John was also in attendance along with Mel.

The mission trip meeting went pretty well for 9 am in the morning. We prayed and assigned groups which was cool. Being a graduate, I am kinda free to roam among all the groups. It’s kind of sad that as of right now we only have 2 graduates going to Arizona. We also picked out a verse. It ended up being Acts 5:42. See that? 42Â… That had to be the right verse. Amber also got to talk to PT and Kellie, which was cool to see how happy it made her.
Amber and I picked up my Cumberbun for the ball. It was black. And yes, um.. it came with a bow tie. It was very quick to purchase and I got to stop at Gamestop and pick up 3 new Nintendo games. Saved myself a dollar too using that card thingy of mine. I really need to count my games. Maybe I’ll do that in a minute.
You would think picking up clothing wouldn’t be that interesting, but we find ways of making it so. Like for example, I left my car keys in Amber’s house, after we locked the front door without keys to get back in. So what did Amber do? She popped the screen out of one of the windows that was left open and crawled in her house. Very wild and daring and so very sexy. At my house, my cousin was there, but I didn’t get to say much other that to find out him and his girl are fine. It was then off to G-Ma’s.

At Amber’s G-Ma’s, there was a lot of action preparing for tomorrow’s graduation celebration. Many of the women from Amber’s family were over baking and cooking all sorts of good stuff like Ol’ Henry Bars (Special K Bars) and Bacon. For me this basically meant I got to meet a lot of people. While they were cooking I got dressed into my suit and Amber into her dress. I ended up discovering that I left my cufflinks at home. Luckily, Amber’s G-Ma was a wonderfully nice lady and offered to let me borrow some of Amber’s G-Pa’s. They worked wonderfully at the ball that night. Before we left though we took all sorts of pictures and such. I think I’ll probably upload them when I get them back.

Our next stop was Richard‘s grad party on the way to the Ball. There was already a good number of people there, some I knew some I didn’t. Mel and Chris were downstairs playing DDR, while I stayed up and chatted for awhile with Sim. They had some great pictures of him, some of which I didn’t know existed. It’s always fun to look back. I ran into Kent as well. A former friend I used to play chess with at lunch at MSA. He lives right behind Richard, so sometimes we would play football with him and his brother as well. My parents shortly arrived and took some more pictures of us. I should probably apologize to Sim here for taking a little bit of his thunder. Sorry about thatÂ… But by the way HAPPY GRADUATION! WE ARE DONE YOU REALIZE THAT?!?!

Our next stop was the Emperor’s Ball. Before I go any further than that, I will plug the website so that you can completely see everything that we got here. This will probably the longest section of the post just because I want to remember the entire evening. I’m sure by now I’ve forgotten parts of it already, but I’ll try to walk my way through it anyway.

We arrived pretty much on time. I had a little fun getting lost in Downtown St. Paul. Thanks to prom though, I found it fairly easily. The valet took my car away from me and drove it to some distant location. I still kind of wonder where they parked. We walked in and Amber saw a friend I am guessing from Woodbury’s German club. After that we wandered a bit. The landmark center was all decked out in fancy stuff. Most of the tables had names on them. There was fairly fancy dish ware. You could see where the festivities were likely to be held. At this point in the night I was a little worried. I had never been to a ball before so I didn’t really know what I was supposed to do. I had no clue what Amber and I could do, and I didn’t want her getting bored on me. We ended up heading upstairs and finding what we would deem our table for the night. We looked over the program, listened to the Boy’s Choir sing, and chatted about us. .
Somewhere in the middle of our conversation, we the emperor started speaking and they did all the formal introductions. I just had to watch the royalty come in along with the mayors and such. I think they gave some pretty good speeches too. Nothing over the top or extremely long, just a lot of good welcome and pat the other people on the back kind of things. While that was happening, and older couple had joined us at our table. They would be our dinner buddies, and in fact, basically the only people we met the entire night. I failed to remember both of their names, but one was a music professor from Eau Claire. The lady was a 4th grade teacher. The women *(amber and the 4th grade teacher)* talked about younger education and places to go for collage. However, the men ended up dominating the conversation most of the night talking about baseball, basketball, football, etc. It’s always interesting when you get a Packer and a Viking sitting at the same table. They turned out to be good conversationalists though, and above all, they didn’t give us a hard time for being well, young or improper.
After the dinner, there was a children’s production of the sound of music that would be playing in one of the side theater rooms. Amber and I headed down there and we watched the entire show. For kids, they did a pretty good job making the music sound good. They left out my cuckoo song though. That was kind of upsetting. The thing that impressed me most was that they turned the sound of music, something that’s like a 3 hour movie, into a 45 minute play. I don’t know if it was my knowledge of the film that allowed it all to make sense, but to me, it flowed pretty nicely.
Now here is where my memory is going to start to get blurry. I think we then headed to go get our picture taken by the professional picture taker. It was amazing how many people in line thought we made a cute couple and that we looked good together. We then walked downstairs to get a coke, then back to our table to drink the coke, then to the beirstub to get these giant pretzels. I didn’t realize they were talking giant soft pretzels were free in the beirstub. I thought it was like the mini kind, you know, the kind you find at bars. But nope.. they were giant soft pretzels. To bad they didn’t have any dipping cheese. We then went back to our table, talked some more, and ate the pretzels. We also found some coke bottles during this time, but I decided we would do something else before we would get coke bottles.
Our next stop would be the carriage ride. Of all the things that didn’t go quite as picturesque as it had been set up to be, this was probably it. They made us ride with another couple, it was relatively short, and in our case, we spent the whole time taking a picture of the other couple. It was OK though, and we ended up going to the water fountain across from the landmark after it. We talked some more. The water had a slight smell to it, so we went back inside. We first headed to pick up our picture from earlier that night. I thought the picture turned out pretty well, Amber on the other hand wasn’t that big of a fan, so I didn’t ask for the digital of it. I will probably scan it in later though. We then headed to go get the pop bottles but they were locked off, which turned out to be a tad pit upsetting. Luckily, Amber spotted an empty one I could steal and take home with me.

We ended our night picking up a free crystal pin. It was shiny and probably worth a few dollars considering it was Swaroski. From there it was out to the valet to return the car to us so we could make our way back to Woodbury. I must say quite an evening. I wonder if I am forgetting anything.

We decided after the ball that it wasn’t necessary the best time to go home just yet, so we headed up to perkins and head breakfast. This is almost a tradition for me and my friends, so it fit well. I got my authenticate French toast, and Amber got her pigs in blanket. We did our whole looking at each other thing and talking thing. There was a group of girls that kept staring at us because we were all dressed up and snazzy. There was also a wedding party that arrived shortly after as well. Oh yeah, and some drunks in the back corner that were a little loud. All and all a good way to end the night.

Sunday morning, I failed in time to wake to go to church. I actually failed to wake in time to do anything before I had to rush to where I needed to be. I said happy father’s day to my dad, who then informed me that he would be leaving town later that afternoon and was currently on his way to Amy’s softball game before he left town. We chatted a little, probably longer than I should have, and then I went on my way to take a quick shower. After the shower, I started darting around the house getting stuff I thought my passengers might like to have a longer road trip. My darting ended up causing me to smash my foot into a couch at full speed. Needless to say, I fell down and didn’t want to get back up. After about a minute of that, I got up, put my shoes on, said screw it.. I’m not going to try to get the tv in the car, and rushed over to Amber’s.
There I checked on my toe, I thought it was broken, but may be it was just really badly jammed. Either that or I heal fast. Then myself, Amber, and Amber’s cousins all hopped in the car to start our hour long trip to Eau Claire. It was a pretty good, and to me, relatively fast trip. We talked a little, listened to music, and just did some sight seeing in good old Wisconsin. We arrived in Eau Claire without incident, which is always a good thing.

Once in Eau Claire we were invited to eat at the Olive Garden with the family of Amber’s cousins. Their a cool group of people and I would just like to say thank you for lunch. I loved some of the stories they told, like Marcus setting fire to the toilet paper, or stuffing popcorn in the locks. After getting to know him over the last week, I can see how that fits his personality.
We then drove to Amber’s G-Ma’s again. This time just the two of us. We surrived the car ride which is always a good sign. We didn’t get into any fights or anything. Just talked, sang, relaxed, and well.. drove. .

So back at Amber’s G-Ma’s was the grad party for Amber’s Aunt. It was pretty cool, got to play some pool and darts with Ashley. Amber showed me this cool computer game that when I have the time I am going to have to look up and see if I can find it. Also got to see Jack. The kids cool, by the time I left he was already beating the first two stages of Super Mario Brothers. Considering he is only 5 years old, that’s quite an accomplishment. I also picked up Kid Icarus from Katie, Amber’s aunt. Yet another good Nintendo game to the collection. I believe that put me at 128.
After the grad party, Amber, myself, and her family went to 2 Fast 2 Furious. Overall I would have to say it was pretty good. The ending was a little on the week side, and I think they could have over exaggerated the final stunt. But man, I love those cars. I am again wondering what would happen if I put NOS in my SUVÂ… Would that be safe? Would I be able to out run the copsÂ… Then again.. Come to think of it.. the road runner just got it’s engine backÂ… and it doesn’t need NOS :-). If you haven’t seen it and you liked the first movie, I suggest checking it out.
Back to Amber’s we went after the movie. We spent some time relaxing in the hot tub. Here’s a suggestion. When the water is 105 degrees, don’t stay in for more than 30 minutes. It just leads to heat exhaustion and a really fast heart beat.
I spent most of Monday working at MSA. 8+ hours in fact. I moved tables which I should mention is a good strength workout. I moved computers, monitors, wiring. Everything got taken apart. I then spent a few hours working on the server and it’s wonderful firewall scripts. I believe we are now pretty much immune to a DOS attack as well as a whole but load of other weird attacks. I switched the MSA networks over to the new T1, all that’s left to do now is put some finishing touches on the web server and switch the domain name. Shout out to Adam for all the help he gave me.
When I got back home I found myself online. I started this update then but didn’t manage to finish it because well.. A, a lot had to be written, as we can all very well see by the length of this insanely long post. B, I had like 5 or 6 chats not to mention a phone call all at once. To make the long story short, I’m a guy, and can’t concentrate on doing that many things at once. Some of them were really good chats, that I would post here, but I forgot to save them. After that, it was off to bed for the first time in a long time I hadn’t seen Amber during the day.
Tuesday was spent at Amber’s house painting. We put primer and a nice layer of light blue *crystal blue was it?* on her walls. It turned out nice. We then went to JoAnn’s to get glow paint. There are now all sorts of stars on Amber’s walls. It’s pretty cool when you shut off the lights. When you dance in there, it’s almost like dancing under the stars. Well, it is, except.. um, they aren’t real stars. All in all, I think it turned out nice.
I also managed to teach Ashley how to play Ultima Online. It’s always a little rough starting into that game, but once your in.. your in. She’s currently really interested in Animal Taming. She also seems to be doing a good job of staying alive.. Man, that brings me back to the days when I started.. I have had an account for 51 months now.. Kind of scary isn’t it? Maybe I’ll get back in and show her the house, and how to upgrade it and such.
We also went to Jack’s T-Ball game. That was wellÂ… interesting. Jack believes he is the best player on the team, which ability wise might be true. He has a lot of physical ability potential. There is a kid who has an arm like I can’t believe, but I think if Jack tried he could probably throw just as well. However, Jack wellÂ… He doesn’t seem to listen. Neither do most of the other 5 year olds, but Jack seems to set his mind on things. This causes him to get put in an imaginary box out on the field. I can see why Jack doesnÂ’t like being the best as he puts it. He is cute though.
Sierra was at the game at well. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned her here before, but yeah, she is Jack’s younger sister. She is just learning to talk and the coolest thing of the night is that she said Ashley’s name like 4 times and to follow up the hystericalness of the event, she said Amber’s. Very cool I say Very cool. I think Sierra is kind of scared of me, but she did pretty good last night, she took my keys and gave them back and took them and gave them back. Very nice of her to do that. Oh yeah, I should mention “treat man”. That was who Jack was last night. Treat Man. Good memories I tell ya. Good memories.
Well, I think that will conclude this post so that I can post it so that Amber can read it so that she can talk to me about it if she wants to read it now so that I can go take a shower and finish helping Ben with his coding so that I can continue on with the rest of my day and possibly movie night with Amber and friends and dinner with Amber. Cool? Cool. Peace out with my 3,585 words.

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