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Cut the Tension

Helped Amber and her family move some furniture at the salon

Went to a technology committee meeting

Helped a little at the strike

Took part in Family War 3

Unlike most of my recent posts, I’m not going to spend much time on each subject. Let’s do the first three fast. I love Amber and it was great to be with her this afternoon as we shared lemon water, cookies, and custard/not so custard donuts. Tech meeting went well as well. Dan is looking at better pay than what he was probably expecting, and probably more hours than had orignally thought. That’s good, it’s about friggen time. I too am now paid better, but although it feels good, doesn’t matter as much to me. I hate money. I like time, but I hate money.

So, the last one I will spend a little more time on. Not to much because I don’t really want to type right now. I want to go beat something up. Anger.. Yes, anger. but thats ok. My dad is pissed at my sister and myself. Something about not potting a plant and not mowing the law. I like how his priorities are automatically supposed to superceed mine. Let’s look at it from my perspective because I’m not going to give you his. Yeah, he works 8 hours a day 5 days a week to pay for himself, his family, and us kids. I understand that, and truly, I am grateful for that. At the same time, he wants us kids, in return to do simple household choirs, like, cleaning the basement, our laundry, mowing the lawn, etc. That’s fine do, I do those choirs respectively and as I should like a good child. The first question is, is doing these choirs the resposiblity of the kids. My obvious answer to this is yes, its the least we owe are parents. But let’s throw another issue in. Let’s say these kids have lives outside the home. Now it’s a matter of getting everyone’s time schedules, everyone’s priorities to mesh. So my dad wants the lawn mowed today. Sorry, I have to work at MSA, write thank yous, and about a dozen other things that just simply need to get done. When will the lawn get mowed. Well probably tomorrow right before I have to move 10 more computers. Do you see why I’m not happy about this. Yeah, fine, *edit* the fact it didn’t get done today. The grass isn’t going to die today if I don’t mow it today. the grass isn’t going to overrun the driveway. It’s not going to cause the city of Woodbury to fine us due to some city ordinance that doesn’t exist. None of these things will happen. So what’s 24 hours? To my dad, it’s enough to get him riled enough to piss everyone off. Sad part is, my mom takes his side. Yes, I believe it’s always good to present a united front, even when you know the other person is wrong, but still. Wanna hear Justin vent? you just did…

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