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Getting Back On Track

Slowly, I’m slowing down. Slowly, I’m getting my computer work back on track. Two complete updates yesterday, I think that’s pretty good. Now if only I can maintain that.

Today’s list is a little different. Actually, I’m not even going to take the time to make a list, because in my last 3 posts, I believe I’ve made some kind of forget to close the tag error (*erg*). So instead, I’ll just chat in this post with peoples. On today’s agenda, we have mowing the lawn, moving computers, something about a ditto drive, perhaps some webwork, thank yous if they bring the cd home, and I believe I set dinner to 5:30 with Amber last night. Will there be movie night? Don’t know. Anything else, not really sure. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Nikki (and Nick) so I hope she is doing well.
As for last night, things have cooled off. I missed a few online messages (sorry folks), but um yeah. I better get a start on ALL I want to do today. Later posters.

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