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You can always tell when Amber and I have been doing an all day thing. I used to be on this routine that allowed me to update everyday when I got home, no matter how late, or what not. Basically the rountine was, that no matter what time I went to bed, or got home, or any of the above, I would stop at my computer first and fill out this form that I’m filling out now to update. Now I talk with Amber before I go to bed, which is a great thing for us, and is definently more fufilling than updating this site, but as it turns out, its horrible for trying to keep me updating on a daily basis. No biggy though, like I think I’ve said before, I have almost 600 posts now describing the last amazing year of my life, both the ups and downs. Man.. It’s amazing some of the stuff I did, went through, and how I’ve grown, How we’ve all grown.
It’s amazing how things can change in minute. It’s amazing how things can change in a day, a week, a year. Truly, it’s amazing anything can change at all. For the most part, we all like things the way they are now, so why ever risk damaging that. Probably has something to do with that not living at all thing. Still amazing.
I haven’t recapped yesterday. Nikki‘s grad party was basically everything afternoon till I got home. We swam, ate, ate more, talked, talked more, ate again. All in all a good time. Beth informed me that Brian likes Amber, which is always a good thing. For the first time we got to see Mel and Eric together for an extended period of time, and unlike the last guy, this one seems much much better. Yay :-). There’s a lot I could type here.. But I think Nikki‘s Pictures might be a better way to sum it up for you guys.

Before that Amber and I had brunch with her family at the Machine Shed. I should mention, that the food is REALLY good. They have pastries, waffles, eggs (sorry sim, I know you don’t like them), bacon, I mean.. everything. Very Very good. The company was great as always. Talking about eating butter instead of whip cream and how Amber has ‘done’ me :-), yes, that would be a joke, in both cases.
Church was ok, won’t mention much here.
Sleep Good.
Saturday Good.

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