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Ditto that Data

Part of me feels very very tired. Maybe it has something to do with that rain storm we got at like 3 am. I think maybe it’s time for me to get more sleep. At least for tonight.

Later today, I get to work on Amber’s aunt’s computer. Hopefully it’s not to long of a fix and that I have everything with me that I will need to fix their machine. I’ll probably burn a cd to help me out before I leave.
Amber and I get closer every day. Not nescerally physically if that’s what you all are thinking. Everyday it feels like one more ounce of me is hers. One more breathe was given for her. It feels so great, so right, and so perfect. I love ya Amber, I do, and I don’t care what people say :-). I love you for the woman you want to be and the woman you almost are. I love you, I love you. :-).
I kinda wanna play Ultima now and rest, but I want to play from my bed… Hmmm, need new computer. That’s all I have to say about that.
Maybe I should start looking at parts again. See if they have the motherboard I want yet. Eh.

Well, I’m out now. To recap the last 24 hours. 7th Heav/Everwood/Tetris night. Good talk with Amy. Morning was church, champs, cub, salon, music. Good fun with Amber, Nikki, and Smash. Ok. I’m out now. Really… Wait one more note: get it blackened not cajun!

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