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Aim Low

Good morning. What will be happening today in Justin’s life? who knows. I just signed on to AIM this morning and I think there is a record few people on AIM. Many of the 200 people on my buddy list have cable modems, so they are on basically 24/7. I believe though that many of them either experienced a power outage last night, or just shut down their computers to protect them from the storm. We did have some pretty nasty storms. According to WCCO 4 News in their article here, It would seem that the worst damage hit Buffalo Lake. It’s the only confirmed tornado I’ve heard of so far, despite the 50 some odd warnings we had last night. Crazy stuff I tell ya.
My dad is still in Nebraska on a combination work/see gramps trip. My grandpa isn’t doing to well. It sounds like severe dimesia or something. Who knows. It probably means I’ll be heading to Nebraska over the 4th of July. Eh, at least I get to play with bigger and better fireworks than can be found in Minnesota.
I’m still not sure what I’m doing today. I need to call a client about a computer repair job. Which means I may end up doing that this evening. If I don’t, I’ll probably go with movie night if it’s ok with my mom. But yeah, don’t know. I also need to head into MSA to see what I can/can’t throw away. I think most of it has already been dumped *at least, most of the stuff we don’t want*. I also need to put the finishing touches on the webserver. Maybe that way Bartz can update with the meeting minutes. Yes, that would be nice.

Ultima is calling to me again. I should head in for a little while and start doing what I was trying to do earlier this week before assaulted by a fatal exception error while standing in a dungeon. I also want to get to the SMRC today or tomorrow. I would love to finish that site up, give it a new design, and see if I can’t pump the hits to say.. 500? I mean, 100 was a nice goal originally, but I can do better, I know it.
Something is wrong with my Business card template. It keeps missing the paper. Erg is what I have to say to that. I think I might just have Office Max print some here shortly if I continue to do this computer work thing at night. who knows.
Which brings us to the front page of JR Corps needing some stuff.. but that’s ok to. Sim, if you read this, where did the white blocks come from? Pop it into ISMS. I’m assuming they came from your head, which would be awsome to hear. If yes, can we rotate it so it’s facing more right than left, as in, we could put a mini version of it to the left of the company name? Then maybe put it to use as a corner graphic… We’ll see.
Ok, well, Amber hasn’t called yet. So I’m assuming her mom is going to pick her and Ash up. Then again, the phone will probably ring in 5 seconds so.. Ok. Let’s be scheduled today. Ultima Online here I come.

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