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Getting Warmer

I’m a tad bit lost with today and everything. Movie night is kind of taking place here tonight at 8, what movie we will watch has yet to be seen. I kind of want to rent 2 weeks notice, but we’ve all seen that I’m sure. Amber and I will find something.

Amber is well on her way to going to Inver Hills next year for PSEO. I’m proud of her. The decision to go PSEO, and stick with it, can be a tough, and rather difficult choice. She seems to be doing well with it though. I sat and played Chrono while she was taking an assement today, this only furthered the amount of work I want to do tonight during whatever it is we do.. Movie night, ah yes.. I remember now.

Well. This was just a brief post. I have planted my second garden in 2 weeks, so hopefully this one does well. I have fertile dirt this time so hopefully I get bonus growth periods and the plants finish in like 10 days. That would rock. Ok, back to real life now.

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