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Friday’s Status

So far today, I’ve been doing pretty well. Let’s sum up what I’ve got done. I completed all but like 8 thank you letters. The 8 I didn’t do were because I wasn’t really sure who the people were, nor what I should put in a thank you letter to them. They shouldn’t take to long. Hopefully I can get the checks to the bank tomorrow morning.

I managed to clean the basement as well. Vaccuumed, picked up, etc. Amy seems to refuse to do her part, in exchange I have to cover her broke @$$. Eh. She’s a good girl. I love her. I should dust, but it will be fine for now.
I did two loads of laundry, with the third one going in in about 3 minutes. In in, I like that word combo. It always makes me think I made a mistake. Either way, that’s good. I also remade my bed, seeing as the first load of laundry was my bed sheets.
I picked up my room ever so slightly. Not as much as I hoped. Same with my car. I didn’t really clean it, or pick it up, I just removed like 10 things then I had to move onto something else.
I played a little Ultima and ended up finding a house where the owner didn’t properly store his potions so I have unlimited Greater Heal, Cure, Poison, and Strength. Well.. not unlimited, but ones that will last for some time. I wonder if they know they are giving away free expensive potions? Well, good for me, bad for them. I hope to check up on my plants either later tonight or right before I get Amber.
For those of you curious about movie night, here is the official message from JR Corps. There will be NO movie night tonight. This means you probably don’t want to come here. You shouldn’t watch a movie here tonight. And, above all else, it means I won’t be here. So for those of you who can work around those *IE: Just about anyone my parents know* you can try to bend the rules and throw your own movie night here.. Just know, that it won’t be ANY of my doing and you have to get permission from my Mommy first.
As for what I am doing: I’m not telling. I won’t have my cell until later. It’s basically a Justin and Amber night *ahh cute right?* We haven’t really had a date date yet, other than the ball. They’ve all had people with, not that people are bad :-).
I kind of want to post here in response to the post that very few of you can read on Nikki‘s site. However, I don’t feel I can do it justice with the amount of time I have left. But to answer your question in a few words or less: A Best friend is someone who knows who you are, protects who you are from those wishing to harm you, supports you when your down, and refuses to let you get away from anything *wether it be, themselves, trouble, or anything else someone might dream of running from*. They are the ones capable of bringing the best out of you. More on this topic later.
Let’s close today with a picture of what I am known to sit countless hours at when I have nothing better to do *or sometimes even when I have something better to do*.