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JJ Doughboy – SMRC Coder

Why the heck am I up past 4 AM not feeling tired? I’ll tell you why. First, my wonderful and amazing Amber gave me a great night of dinner, bowling, and a movie. She also gave me a smile over the phone when she slowly but surely started drifting off. After that I hopped online to do some coding for the SMRC. Sim and Nikki both happened to be here, both good ways to make sure I didn’t code. So I chatted with Sim about our new future computers. I chatted with Nikki about life. Both chats were great, Nikki‘s seem to be one I haven’t had for awhile. It was good to make jokes and laugh at two as to how stupid I was. Fun times. I then started coding…
There’s a mistake. Start at 2 and see where you finish. Well, 2 hours later, we found the light. I finished the midi section of The SMRC. This should make the image section as well as all the other multimedia sections, a breeze. Then, I think I will do walkthroughs for Chris. Maybe all this tomorrow. Well, time for me to figure out how to try to sleep.

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