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Awake Awake

Well, I’ve been awake longer than this post implies. I woke up sometime around 11:11 this morning and stumbled out of bed, thinking “Man, I just went to bed 7 hours ago.” I seem to be doing fine though, pretty well. I wanna get back to coding the SMRC some more. I also wanna order the new computer. Eh, not today.

ERG, I’m a little worried I may have screwed up Freshmen orientation somehow. I hate this. Why can’t things be simple.
It sounds like I might be going to Nebraska from the 1st to 4th with my sister. It would be good to see my Grandpa again and help out. My parents wont come down till the 3rd, so that could be weird.

I really don’t want to post anymore right now.. so goodbye post.