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Comprehending Craziness

So Derek gave the sermon in Genesis today. I must say he knows how to talk. It would be nice to see him give more sermons. I defiantly enjoy his more than some of the other peoples. The topic today was how crazy/insane/sane/normal the idea of Jesus is. I’m not sure if he ever got to a solid point, but I did get stuff out of the message. Including a possible new slogan for WLC Youth. WLC Youth – “Get Crazy” and base it on the verses from Mark. Eh, just an idea.

Last night would have been considered crazy in my books a month ago. Honestly, I have a very hard time being comfortable around people when doing anything for an extended period of time. Especially people I don’t really know. So if you would have told me a month and half ago that I would be playing Scrabble and eating dinner with Amber’s family last night and feel like I fit right in, I’d say, “You’re crazy.” That is, however, what happened. We ended up eating special Radabaugh spaghetti. Man that was good. Who’d of thought that something like hamburger and other various meats can make spaghetti taste oh so good. As for Scrabble, I fell victim to Amber’s dad. They were all good games, except the last, where words just decided to all end up in weird bunches. They were all fun though. Amber also scanned a lot of photos so hopefully, I will add some to my site and you’ll also be able to find more on hers.
For those of you *there aren’t any besides me* that are interested in my Ultima Online garden, it’s going well. I have 4 healthy plants growing at a steady rate towards being great plants.
As for this afternoon, I have a bunch of things I want to get done before I leave for Nebraska on Tuesday. Some require going into MSA, some just require me getting motivated. Who knows. Blah. I remember last 4th of JulyÂ… Eh, maybe I’ll reminisce later. But just to think, tomorrow, it will be the official 1-year anniversary of this version of JJ’s Domain. It’s amazing how things have changed in the last year. I started this site complaining about a girl I couldn’t have, and it has transitioned to being madly in love with a girl that I got to know over the last year. Crazy how that works, isn’t it?
Eh, 500+ posts for the last year, with 600+ posts in the site. Crazy. But I’m out to see where today takes me.

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