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A Nebraska style update

The last 8 hours I have been sitting in a car driving to what some of my fellow friends would call the middle of no where. It’s not that bad though, not at all. The weather is a little warm, but the air is so clean, so open, so peaceful. Amy and I arrived here safely and all, with a pretty uneventful car trip. I suppose we could thank God for that.

My grandpa is doing well all considering. From my perspective he doesn’t seem half bad. Aside from his forgetfulness being a little stronger than usual, he seems to be his normal self. My uncle said he has been doing a lot better and that we don’t need to worry quite so much, which is a good thing to hear. We thank God for that as well.
So by this point in the post, you all are probably wondering, how is Justin updating if he is in Nebraska. Well, some of you know my older tricks of going to the library and updating, but that seems to be an out of the way trip. Actually, to my surprise, my cousin has basically moved in. She brought her computer over here and has an unlimited internet account so I am borrowing it from her for some purposes of updating and communicating. I don’t know if I want to be getting my email here… that makes it hard to get at home.
Another good piece of news, she has a cell phone with unlimited nights. Hopefully I can drop my sweety a call. I’ve missed her today and would like to be able to at least say hi. You know, at 12:01 tonight, we will have been together 42 complete days! Crazy isn’t it?! It seems so much longer, but in a good way. So much has been done. Sweety, if you read this, you don’t need to water my plants. I found out how to do it from here because I accidently brought my old UO cd’s (yes, it was a big accident).

Hopefully all my other friends are having a good forth of July week. Sim, if you go up to the lake, all I have to say is “Lucky Dog”, I will be laying pipe. Nikki, I have no clue what your doing, but have fun, and don’t end up killing any Cat’s like last year. Beth, I bet your spending the time with the engaged, enjoy that! Mel, you with your boy as well, or would you be at the lake with Rich, or both. Yeah “Lucky Girl”. Ian, Dan, Kevin, etc. I just wanted to say your names so it would link. I like your new server, I might move JR Corps. Maria, when do you leave for Germany, or have you already? I haven’t heard from you in awhile… Alex, your not back yet, have fun. Ashley, I don’t know if you read this, but keep your sister safe out on the St. Croix (and have some fun while your at it, maybe with that one kid). College buddys: Don’t Drink and Drive. MSA Buddys: No calculating the trajectory of any projectile fireworks. Woodbury Buddys: Life long and prosper!
Ok, Was that everyone? If I missed anyone, my apologies. Ok. Let’s see. Well. That’s this post. Don’t miss me all toooo much :-).

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