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It tis be great to be a farm boy. I woke up this morning, and as I posted, it was a bright and early morning. (If this post sounds southern, itÂ’s because I feel southern) We took out morning trip to breakfast at the local McDonalds then returned back home to wait for my uncle.
Upon arrival, we loaded up the truck and tractor and went on down to the corn field. There we laid pipe and put pipe together such that, when we run water through the pipe tomorrow, it will come out in the rows of corn. For you none farm people, this is called irrigation. For the next 4 hours (till noon time) we did just that. The temperature slowly climbed and climbed so it was hot work.
We then returned back home to find that my Aunt had arrived from the capital city of Lincoln. As well as my cousin Lori from Florida, and my other cousin Debby from Texas. We all sat and chatted while my grandpa wished to get his way to Richland for lunch.
So what is Richland you ask. Well until today I had no clue either. My uncle and grandpa are always going up there to lunch and saying itÂ’s a great place. Every year my dad goes with them. Sometimes my aunt does, or my sister, or cousin, but never once have I gone. For some reason I had always pictured it as this run down bar like atmosphere where a bunch of farmers that smelled like pig manure were all hanging out eating over greasy food. Well, it turned out I was wrong, but letÂ’s tell the whole story. So yes, I did end up going for my first time today, and I brought my digital camera, but I didnÂ’t bring the cable to upload pictures so I wonÂ’t be able to upload them till I get home. Eh, hereÂ’s the story anyway.
So the place they called Richland is not actually the name of the restaurant. It was the city the restaurant was in. So to give you the full experience, this is one of the most run down cities I have ever seen. Think the worst part of Newport and combined it with as many burned out cars, abandoned unpainted houses, and dirt roads. So far, the place had been fitting what I had imagined. We pulled up and I took a look at the sign. It actually said Village Inn, so I thought, IÂ’ve heard of that beforeÂ… North Dakota I think. I remember them being pretty good so this was a sign upÂ…
I walked in the door and the place was almost empty. We were 2 hours later for the lunch hour, but yeah, I was expecting a few more people. We sat down and my uncle started chatting with the farmer at the table across from us. It seems anyone that goes to this restaurant knows each other. The rush appeared to actually come at lunch, but thatÂ’s ok. It made it kind of more fun. The place looked a little like the cheers set. It wasnÂ’t at all run down, there was a TV over on the far wall. There was a video machine on top of the bar, and overall, the stuff our neighbors were eating looked pretty good. So I placed an order for a cheeseburger and listened in on the farmer talk that was my uncles life. My eyes then caught something out of the corner of my eye. It was an original Donkey Kong 3 arcade machine. Knowing me, I had to go play it. So I did so, and ended up shattering the high score on the machine. I took a picture of it just for proof and for the SMRC which is by the way coming along nicely.
It was then time to eat. The cheeseburger looked fine. It then tasted fine, actually quite good. I was overall surprised. The way it was cooked or the type of beef reminded me a lot of the burgers you find at Sgt. Peppers. The fries did kind of as well. But they were all very good. Just great. And that, was my trip to Richland. Ok, so not that big of a deal. But a first experience that I had almost been dreading my entire life. You life and you learn I guess.
I think all the hard work IÂ’ve been doing down here has been helping to keep my spirits high. I miss Amber, but I know sheÂ’ll be there when I get back and so overall itÂ’s not pulling me down exhaustingly. On top of that I got to talk to her last night, which was great as well. On top of that! I seem to be seeing the clock at every 42Â… I saw it at 6:42 this morning. I was it at 7:42,9:42,10:42,11:42,12:42,2:42,3:42,4:24, and I bet IÂ’ll see it at least 3 or 4 more times today. So in honor of that, and of our 42 day anniversary being this morning at 12:01am, I have written a little poem.
My 42
Oh my 42
How much do I love you!
From the morning you do shine
Until the latest night, when we dine

Your eyes are like 42 diamonds
And theyÂ’re worth over 42 trillion
Your heart beats 42 times
And each time I know its mine

Whether we be 42 inches apart
Or 420 miles
Whether we talk for 42 seconds
Or 42 hours
I know one thing for sure
Its worth my next 42 millennia

Hope you all are having a great 4th of July week, and sweety, I hope you feel better, IÂ’m sorry memories of me are making you miss me more..

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