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If I had Bandwidth

Ok, so today is today. Tomorrow is tomorrow. Everyday is a new day. And Tomorrow is still tomorrow. Let’s see: Status update.
I’m feeling really good despite my few hours of sleep. Amber and I spent out date night at the drive in watching *cough* 3 movies. Terminator 3, Basic, and that movie with the girls… uh… Charlies Angels 2. It was a good time, all the movies were OK, Terminator probably being the best, but still not phenominal. It was good to hold Amber all night, and it felt good to be the one making the car shake, not the one detecting it :-).
I spent yesterday doing something… I don’t really remember what.. Oh yes I do. I cleaned out my car. I vaccuumed it out as best I could. I washed it. I then took it to the car wash and had it washed again. Now I want to wash it again because I was a boy and had to drive through a giant puddle… BAH! I even have to vaccuum it again because the stupid drivein floor is dirt, not pavement. BLAH! I was liking it clean…
Speaking of my car, the cooler is back in. Yay! We can get drinks out of it and all that fun stuff now. Someone just needs to remind me to change the ice every 2 days.
In other news: I’m thinking about stealing Amber’s webcam. I don’t think she knows this yet, but I kinda wanna go back to broadcasting stuff everyday. It would be kind of fun. But yeah, I don’t have the bandwidth really to do that. I suppose I could put my TV card back in but that would be at the cost of my dual monitor system. I think tomorrow, if I don’t go volunteer, I will have to think about well.. ordering it. Maybe I should wait till Richard gets back to talk it over with him.
Anyone have the Arizona Mission Trip logo?
Ok: Blah. I’m out.

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