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*BEEP* *buuzzzz* *buuzzzz* *buzzz*
“Hey smiley, still in bed?”
“Yeah, oh shoot, but I’m supposed to be there. My battery is dying, so if my cell dies, I’ll call ya back.”
“How about you just get your butt over here”
“Ok, cya shortly”

That was my wake up this morning. I had forgotten I needed to be at MSA and erg. So I was late getting here… not that it made a difference. It’s 1230 now and Canon still isn’t here or returning our phone calls.
So MSA is kind of in summer transition right now. Both physically and digitally. The floors are all clean, but drying. There are deskes upon desks stacked in some rooms, while others are basically empty. The server room is a mess, but thats not new. I’m still waiting on word about whether or not I can move JR Corps. We’ll see.
There are a few things I need to do today and a few things I would like to do today. I don’t know how any of it will work out for I can’t quite seem to get the time management theories I’m used to applying to my life to quite work. Ok, so let’s try anyway.
Things I have to do:

1:00pm??? — Go home and put away stuff from Nebraska

1:30pmish — Go to Nikki‘s and remove car stereo

Sometime — Call Voth’s back again

Sometime — Send Dirk an email

Things I want to do:

Go to the beach with Amber

Get tank set up for fishy’s, and perhaps, buy fishy’s upon return from Sonshine?

Get all of Sonshine stuff together.

Get the stuff done for John‘s site that he wants.

Get some SMRC stuff done.

Water the plants in UO.

Test the batery life of my cell phone.

Nice list huh? I think I’m forgetting something, but I’ll worry about it later.

What am I forgetting.. Who knows. I’m out now, laterz.

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