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JJ: What is he dipity doin’?

I’ve been trying not to post so that when I get the pictures for Sonshine, I can make a really long post. The dilemma is, I don’t get to look at them till I get back from the Cabin, so that would mean like a week without a post, and I’m not to into that. Sonshine stories still coming then.
Amber has left me for the last 48 hours, and she will continue to be gone the next 7 days as well. I get to see her this weekend though *tomorrow to monday actually*. I’m heading up to her cabin to hang with the family. Maybe borrow Sim‘s wakeboard and see if I can’t actually get going more than 5 feet. As much as I hate to admit it, I do miss her. I miss her when we do the group activities we’ve done the last 2 nights. It’s amazing how quickly you miss that other person to hold. It’s almost hard to believe that I have gone 18 years of my life not being touched. You’d think I’d be ok with this. I get to see her within like 24 hours so I’ll surrive.
Reuben, what is he dipity doin’?
Reuben, what is he dipity doin’?
So I’ve been downloading the music from John Reuben’s official website. It’s christen rap which either sounds like an oxymoron or a complete turn off for most people. But really, take the time to listen to some of this stuff. Doin, and Do Not are the two songs currently playing in my deck. Most of his songs have what I generally consider the 3 requirements for rap. Weird noises in the baseline, understandable language, and a slower catchy chorus. Good stuff, that and Grits.. but we’ll talk about them another day :-).
Do Not tell me what I can can I do when I rock
Do Not tell me what I can can I do when I rock
So to counter Amber not being around, I’ve done a little more work and spent some time with friends. On tuesday, Richard, Nikki, Mel, Eric, and later joined by John and Nathan went to Damon’s and had movie night here. All in all a pretty good day. I also ordered my computer which is coming in less than 6 hours. WOOT!!!! You have no clue how excited I am.. well maybe Sim does because he’s also waiting for his.. But seriosly. This is my first computer in like 5 years. Lets compare my current computer with my new one:

Old Pc New PC
Processor 266mhz 3.0ghz overclockable
HD Space 36 Gigs (1×6,1×30) 1 Terrabyte (4×250)
Ram 64 Megs 1 Gig
CD/DVD 2x CDBurner 4x DVD Burner
Capture Cards Old school mono tv card Nice TV Card
Vid Card Voodoo3 16 Meg Hercules 9800 128meg

Overall? Kick’n!

Yesterday was basically spent at home and working. Last night I drove around with Nate and Nikki. That was fun. I can remember driving around with just Sim and Nikki from time to time. Not to much because Rich would get frustrated but yeah. Lots of fun.

I should go mow the lawn. My dad would be proud of me then. Anyway, it looks like its going to rain so if I can get it done before that then I don’t have to worry about it. So let’s go take a look at the lawn shall we?

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