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Another 4 or 5 day period without an update… Man.. Can you tell I’ve been doing a lot of traveling? So let’s give the 411 on the life that is known as Justin and maybe we will come to some insights. Maybe not big ones, but ones non the less. Ok, posting time.

Thursday afternoon my new computer arrived. I was supposed to be mowing the lawn so I could go out with friends before having to leave for Amber’s cabin on friday. To make the long story short, I stopped mowing the lawn to put my computer together. I think I already posted the specks in a previous post, but yeah. I get the whole thing all together and hit the magical on button, only to find it not even make it to POST. This of course frustrates me and costs me more time. I finally gave up and then rushed to finish everything else I needed to get done that day.

Thursday night was spent watching a movie at my house with Nikki, another John, John, Kristina, and Nathan. Nikki has been spending a lot of time with Kristina and Nate lately, which is cool, but different. Perhaps our group of 3 with the occasional pickup of one or two has turned into a group of 5 with an occasional pickup of like 10. It’s cool non the less.
Friday morning I gave up on the computer and said I would deal with it when I got back. I then took off on a Journey to go find my girl in Wisconsin. I ended up making a wrong turn somewhere though and turned my 160 mile journey into a 240 mile journey. I arrived slightly later than I wanted to see my girl standing in the road waiting for me :-). I love her :-). We greeted each other and then took the time to look at the Sonshine pictures we got back. I’m a little upset that I left them there because I wanted to upload and post them today with this post, but eh, its again going to have to wait till Amber gets back on Wednesday or Thursday.
Now this is where my weekend starts becoming a slight blur, but I’ll try to keep things in order anyway. We wake boarded and went out to dinner that night. To my surprise I got up on my second try and was up for like 15 seconds… which, in my world, is a long time. So that made me happy. At dinner we played some video games and ate cheese burgers. Amber’s mom played me in a game of pinball, and was winning until the final ball. I would have played her again, but we were out of quarters at that point. We then headed back.
Every night at the cabin we watched at least one movie if not two. The movies watched this weekend included Independance Day, Sleepless in Seatle, The Sixth Sense, 10 Things I Hate About you, and parts of Tomorrow Never Dies and US Marshals. It was a good way to end our days, just relaxing and enjoying the movies.
Saturday, Amber and I spent most of our time playing Super Mario 3 for the NES. We were on a mission to beat the game the LONG way. No whistles. Every level beat. To make the long story short, we made it to World 7 when her mom sat down in a chair causing the power cable to come out and our game to come to a screeching halt. No big deal, it got us to go outside. We also spent some time in town getting Ice Cream and other various things. Hayward is one of those nice small towns where everything feels like it has a history. Very cool if you ask me. We also spent some time Canoeing around the lake.
Sunday we went to a church that I think I am going to see about helping get a (better) website for. I don’t have their information with me, but we’ll see how it all works out. Let’s see, what else… We drove around a lot. We spent some time in town again. Oh, I went fishing for like the 3rd time in my life and for the first time in my life, caught something. It came later in the day when we were just getting back to dock. A large mouth bass. Amber has a picture that hopefully I can post after she gets the film developed. I caught more fish later too off the dock, and the next morning with her dad.
Monday ws the day I left. We spent most of the day together playing scrabble with the family and just enjoying each others company. Also spent some time in town again. I left around 4 and said my goodbyes :-(. It kind of sucks not being able to spend your whole 2 month aniversay with someone, but you know… There will be more 3 month, 4 month… 42 month :-).
So get this: Right around the Wisconsin/Minnesota border I had to go to the bathroom. I decided to hold it as long as I could so I could find a good place to stop. It then suddenly decided I really really needed to go right around Grand Casino. So I ran into the arcade *which is where one of the restrooms are* and went. I didn’t feel too hot afterwards, so I played a little DDR and that made me feel all better. I then walked outside and said, ok, I’m only going to play a dollar, than I’ll leave. So I put a dollar in and got 10 back. I then said.. ok.. I uh don’t really want to carry 10 dollar coins, so lets get rid of them. They turned into about 30 dollar coins then. I said, ok, I will stop when I hit an even number *IE: 20, 40, 60*. I then worked it back down to 20 and said ok, gotta go. So I turned yet another 1 dollar into 20 dollars with the thanks of the Indians and maybe some help from God? :-). I think that makes me plus 62 for overall at the casinos.

I spent the rest of yesterday taking care of Amber’s cats and chatting online. I need to mail back my processor and all that fun jazz so that I can get a new one by friday. We’ll see how that goes. So I’m going to go now and get a start on today. Who knows what all I will be doing besides going into MSA etc.
Oh, ever wonder about animals and why they don’t talk? I mean you think after hearing humans talk for like what, 100s of generations, that some animal would have figured out how to talk to us. Better question: why don’t we know how to talk to them? Has anyone ever really tried? I wonder what would happen if you let a baby get raised only hearing the sounds of a dog. Hmm.. Very curious if you ask me.
Lack of understanding
Lack of communication

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