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Back Logged

Oh boy
I’m back from Arizona. I have way to much to do. The nightmare begins, and we have entered the mad dash that is getting everything ready be deadlines in August. Let’s begin by what has been stopping updates on this site.
Reason 1: New Server
That’s right folks. Jr Corps moved servers sometime in July. We have a lot of data, and not all of it has been converted even to this date. That needs to happen soon because I plan on closing my GlobalHosting account soon as well. So the nightmare that is moving all that stuff over, is almost done. For some people like Alex, it has been a great move. For others like JohnÂ… his site still needs some work from me.
Estimated Deadline: September 1 (gotta be done before school)

Reason 2: Arizona
August 1st – 9th I was in Arizona. I hope to give you all a huge post of what we did down there at a later time when I have time. But until then, I’m going to forward you to another site I wrote. http://www.arizonamission.org/ It has a journal and pictures of what we did down there. Realize that just because I was gone those days, doesn’t mean that was the only time I was affected. The whole week before, I was working on that site, and on a paper version of the journal with my lovely and dear Amber. Not to mention the random church event that I had to help with such as St. Martin’s table or the Steak Out. Both of which I enjoyedÂ… they just take time like everything else. To add to it, I have another journal and roughly 60 cd’s I need to makeÂ…
Estimated Deadline: Sunday Noon

Reason 3: Family
It seems to be family time here in the Justin household. Last weekend, when I got home from Arizona, my Aunt, Uncle, and Grandpa were in town from Nebraska. That meant a trip to the Mall of America, and dinner and time with them as best I could. Now I find that I have two cousins in town, both of which may be spending the night here tonight. If thatÂ’s the case, then Reason 4 will be even bigger than it is nowÂ…
Estimated Deadline: Tonight 6 PM

Reason 4: Clean Room/New Computer
So I got a new computer. I’m not currently on it. Want the specs? I’m sure I’ve posted them before. 3.0 ghz, 1 gig ram, 1.03 terrabytes of hard disk space *I added yet another 30 gigs to it*. There’s more to it than that, but yeah. I got it working thanks to a question asked by my sweety that pointed out to me what could be wrong. Well the process of building this PC lead to a wide range of messes across the house. Most of which I have chosen to move to my bedroom floor. This basically means that I no longer have a bedroom floor, nor a good place to work on my new computer. See the problem? So my room REALLY REALLY needs to get cleaned. I hope to finish that today.
Estimated Deadline: Tonight Midnight

Reason 5: Life in General
Sometimes life just gets so crazy you donÂ’t know what to do. I think the only thing I can do at this moment is stop. Regroup. And hopefully try to get as much of it done today as possible. So I think with that in mind, I’ll end this post with what I need to get done. A checklist if you will. Priority is subjective so I’m not going to include it.

Update this site daily again

Add school calendar, and supply list to MSA Website, not to mention, repair the director’s homepage.

Clean room

Patch New computer and buy cables to run cable to my bedroom

SMRC fixes

Check Email

John fixes

The Onus fixes

Move DA again

New client meeting breakfastÂ… Maybe next MondayÂ… need a date for that.

School supply/Book shopping

Drive in with Amber, Nikki, Nate, and ???

Thursday Noon: Client Call

Get bed made for cousins

Mow lawn?

Spend more time with Amber, Nikki and Sim (CASINO?!) before school starts.

Order Computers for MSA

Set-up MSA

Finish new computer

Burn all home videos to DVD

Burn all BMW episodes to DVD

Re-align my bank accounts and budgeting to reflect ‘a non highschool independent person’

Look into housing costs off of Snelling.

Orientation August 29th.

Make a dozen phone calls.

Water plants in Ultima

OK, so I suppose I should get started with my day. Later AllÂ…

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