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There’s nothing like family and life to wear you down. I have my new computer basicall all setup and online now. That’s cool. It’s been patched/updated/etc. Hopefully it holds out for me.
Kavin is staying here. He stayed here last night as well. It’s making it a little more of a challenge to see my girl and my friends. Not to mention, getting sleep. Take for example last night. I tried to go to bed around midnight but he managed to keep me up til 2. He then turned around and woke me up at 7am, followed with a phone call at 8 and a trip to work at 10. No sleep for me in other words. Morning went fine and made some cash at various house calls. That’s always nice. I wanna start keeping track of my monies very tightly, but I don’t know if I’m the kind of person to do that or not.
Most of my afternoon was spent resting and in bored’m. Saw Amber at work. Tweaked my computer. But really, didn’t do much. When night came, Amber offered to let me come over for a few hours to escape my house, so I took it. Amber, her Dad, and myself played 2 games of Scrabble. So close to winning yet again, just not close enough. I need a little more practice.
I’m fairly tired now and I want to gets to bed so, later all.

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