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::: FNF Returns :::

Well, Friday Night Frenzy was tonight. I was look forward to seeing my girl, playing a little DDR, hanging out with friends, etc… Now, not so much. After reading my girl’s post, I feel like somewhere I’m being held either to a standard I shouldn’t have to live to, or better yet, accused of something I would never do.

Now that may sound angry, and I’m not. Just a little frustrated by it. Sim used to go around saying that girls are to much work. I tend to disagree, and I know my girl is definently worth it, but now I have some concerns for her….
So she’s nervous with me being around Nikki. I could easily fire back with concerns of any guys she could possibly meet in Arizona. And trust me, Guys will be dying to meet her. Based on what I’ve seen, you’d think I’d be the one that would be worried about it. But I’m not. I love her, that’s all I need.
So the calling thing I will admit has always been a fault of mine. With Julie, she was always calling me. Later in our friendship, it was something she constantly got mad I.. Me never calling to do anything. Interesting thing about that though: if you stop calling, and I never called to begin with, how many calls are made? Zero… What’s this lead to? Lack of communication.
So what is my suggestion? CAll when you want to call, talk when you want to talk. I will always answer my phone, and I will always call if I have something to say/ask. On top of it, I just don’t get it. I do call, sometimes just to say good morning. Sometimes just to find out whats going on.
Stepping back a little, lets reconfirm the following. August is my busiest time of year. The combination of MSA starting up, school starting up, a series of group/family trips/visits, new clients, and just about every other thing you can imagine leads to me running out of time. This was the reason for movie NIGHTS last summer. I never had time during the day. The scary part about this year, I don’t have the time at night either. Erg. So yeah, I’ve been more busy than I have all summer, which is probably part of what Amber is feeling right now. And she claims to understand it, but must not because she is turning I’m too busy into I don’t want to.
So why am I complaining? I don’t know… I don’t like to complain. Maybe becasue by complaining she will realize that I do care and that it upsets me when she says I don’t.
Ok, back to the happy state I was in. FNF is tonight. I should get some stuff done before I go. Arizona stuff of course. I got most of the other stuff I wanted to get done today. I also need to take a shower. Oh well. Later angry post.. how rare is that?

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