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Weird Mood

I’m in one of those weird moods that I believe are brought on by tiredness. Let’s sum up a little. Yesterday was go go go. I woke up to Derek calling telling me he needed a slide show in less than an hour. I grumbled and started to get out of bed until he called me back and said nevermind. That was a bless. Without the extra hour of sleep I never would have made it through the day.
An hour later I was busting my butt to make a slide show by the next service. Now, you need to factor in that I was up the night before till 2:30 am burning CD’s. So I’m dragging… I fail my first deadline, but made my second, which was fine. No big mishaps or anything like that. There was even this choir in church that was pretty good. If they would have set up wide range mics for the singers, I would have recorded them. But oh well. I forgot their name already but thats ok too.
Church was followed by a church meeting for the Arizona mission and Jamaica mission team. Amber wrote a little about it on her site. The cheesecake was pretty good. I was mad rushed again. That’s ok though. I really don’t like working under the gun. I just get stressed and frustrated.
To follow that, I made an appearance at Amber’s house to find out that I am someone special. Despite the sappiness of Amber’s mom, it was pretty cool. I even got a little more coloring in and time spent with Amber. We followed it up with a nice little conversation about trying to help one another understand ourselves and each other, and others for that matter. I’m sure that seems so general, but that’s how I’d like to leave it for the sake of this post.
From there it was to another party involving swimming and friends. Marty, Patrick, Luke, and David along with all the girls and parents. They had a nice little ceremony giving the going away seniors presents to help them get through college. Again, sappy, but the memories we hold on to. I have some pictures I’ll post, but not just yet.
When I left I found I was being stalked by Amber and Nikki. So instead of being followed, I followed them to my house. Once there, I found I only needed to turn around to get my dad his keys which he had left in my bag. From there it was to Damon’s just like old times. Good service, good food, good friends, good girl.
From there it was to Amber’s where we watched Happily Married or soemthing like that. It was great holding Amber most of the night. I love doing that. The movie wasn’t half bad either. Nate joined us which was cool as well. Always good to have a guy to flirt with ;-).
From there it was home to do my nightly chat and get some sleep.
So seeing with the long day, you’d think I be out cold for the next 2 days. Well I wasn’t. I woke up nice and early this morning to head into MSA to get some work done. Got some of the JMC stuff I didn’t have done before. And got some of the computers stuff setup. I wish I knew when the new stuff was coming so I could get that all done. Let’s see, what am I forgetting…. Oh, then I went to another place to work on their computer. That was interesting. Some of the problems I was having there I had never seened before. I ended up telling the owner that I almost owed her for that session seeing as I learned more than I normally do. For lack of a better term, it was exploritory surgery on a computer. Kinda fun… It’s amazing how buggy IE can get if you add the wrong stuff to it.
From there I took my girl to work and helped her mom take some pictures. Then back to MSA to finish the stuff that I didn’t finish this morning. Now I’m home, and in one of those moods where I really don’t want to do anything. I don’t even want to be typing this. I feel trapped in my brain. I feel cornered by logic. I just seem to be here. But now I go to see my girl instead of go to a bon fire in the heat. I think I need some caffiene. Later post.
Oh, to answer the question in the ISMS… Wait a few days…

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