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Good morning

Well today has begun and for the first time I feel like I got a good amount of sleep. I was actually able to wake up rather early this morning, go to the bathroom and get back to sleep. That’s kinda rare. So what’s on the agenda for today?
Well it tis be Amber’s and my 3 month. Amazing ain’t it? 3 more month’s and it will be a half year, 9 more month’s and we will have been together a year. So what does that mean? We basically have to make it through a school year together. It will be interesting to see our relationship grow while I’m in school.
With school fast approaching, I am starting to realize I am looking forward to a few things. The biggest thing probably being seeing Rich, John, and my cousins on an almost daily basis (hopefully). Rich is living on campus so hopefully I’ll be able to drop in from time to time. Maybe a few trips to the casino.
On the downside, Nikki will be leaving, as well as Jon and Maria. They’ll all be fairly close, but yeah, they shalt be farther than we like. As Nikki said last night, God bless Email, Aim, and Online Diary’s. I hope to get Nikki on JR Corps before she leaves, that was I can put everyone’s diary on one page so you can see how 6 teens, 4 of which are going to college for the first time this year, handle it. The returners (Justin and John, and kinda Rich)… The first timers (Alex, Amber, Nikki, Maybe add Maria to this list too? and Kinda Rich).
Ok, well I’m out for now. laterz.

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