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Drive-In Version 4.2

Well, after being in a weird, and rather upsetting mood and after a nice little spiff. Amber and I sat down through 2 movies and sorted out everything that was wrong. Communication people, is what makes relationships work. Learn it and learn it well.
Shout out to Nikki who pushed me to go find my girl and talk. Shout out to Nate who does such a great job making her happy. And most of all, shout out to Amber, my sweety for just letting me hold you all night. Maria, I’m sorry you had to have Kristina call for a ride home. We should always plan to have a car go home after the second movie. Someone always does, whether or not they want to stay for the third.
It’s a really good feeling to see us all together like that. I’ll try to post some pictures later today when I wake up. 2 CYM’s as well. Coolio Daddio is what I have to say to that. Night All.

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