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A reply to John

Here I sit kinda tired out from all that movie watching last night. I ended up surfing into John‘s Page, which reminded me that I need to move some of his stuff still so I can close my Globalhosting Account. But I read his little debate between him and his brother and thought I would throw in my 2 cents. Ready for this?
Do what YOU want to do
Over the summer Sim has been on me about being in the dorms. Some others have been as well. Surprisingly, despite the fact that my parents kind of want me to move out, they aren’t encouraging it. My dad is for it, my mom could care less. But out of everyone, the only people who want me to stay home are the ones that gain something out of it here, short of myself, and short of John. Ok, so do I plan on living at home my entire college carreer. No. Actually, my current plan calls for a house with whoever wants in on it. Notice how I’m still skipping dorm life.
Thanks to Rob, I have seen the dorms. Yeah, I know I could meet a lot of weird people and interact with them and get better at my social skills. What I’m finding though is that although this helps everyone to have more fun in college, it might not be the best thing for their education. I know what trying to maintain a social life at home ment for me. It can be a challenge. Like John says, you don’t have near as many friends. But let’s think about me as a person… I always run with a crew of about 3. We can almost track it… *If you don’t make this list, don’t feel bad, you are more than likely still one of my best friends and for sake of this argument I am making a point…

Justin, Ben, Cory (1st Grade)

Justin, Keith, Gabe (2nd Grade)

Justin, Rich, Gabe (3rd – 4th)

Justin, Rich, Max (5th)

Justin, Rich, Kenny (like 6-9)

Justin, Rich, Julie (10)

Justin, Rich, Nikki (11)

Justin, Nikki, Amber (12)

Rich has never left my side on anything, things just have happened lately where we haven’t spent as much time *coughs I blaim the girls hehe*. But you can see, I run in groups of 3. Next year, it could very easily turn into Justin, Rich, Amber… Or Justin, Rich, John… Or Justin, John, Amber. No one really knows. Now I need to reiterate: Beth, John, Keith, Max, DD, Dan, Ben, Ian, Rob, PK, Maria, Mel, Brendan, and probably a whole list of people that aren’t coming to mind, are all still awesome friends and I should reinterate this was for demonstration purposes and I didn’t mean to say that I didn’t spend a lot of time or have a lot of meaningful events with you all.
So with that past, you can see how I think I will be fine next year just living at home. I like John‘s idea of it saving money, but I know money was never the issue. If that’s what stopping John, I would say you should screw it, take out a student loan, and instead of worry about the money, realize that a) you can make the payments easily, b) you are earning yourself good credit, c) your earning yourself fisical responsibility, and d) assuming it’s what you want, you’d be getting what you want. Now, with that in mind, Realize that I like staying at home and like you John, I too want to save money. So it truly is a balance between what you want. So to reinterate my feelings about it:
Do what YOU want to do
Nice piece of two cents ain’t it, and I think Rich would agree with me on it :-).

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