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Msa 2.1

Relative to this blog, I have always spent the week before school working at MSA doing crazy amounts of work in an attempt to get the computer systems as stable as possible before students try to come in and do the exact opposite. Wit that in mind we begin that week now and will call it MSA version 2.1 although from my perspective, its MSA 4.1 *first year I didn’t do it*.
Let’s start off with congradulating Amber on her first day of school. Way to go sweety. It was fun sleeping in the back of my car to wait for you to get out of class. I hope you have a great year, that you do well in school, and that I am able to help you prosper through it all.
Ok, so I realize now that this post is a day late. I left it on the server last night before I left and completely forgot both to finish it and to post it. That’s ok though. I don’t get paid to write posts :-).
Let’s continue: Completed a good number of user names at MSA. Completed various teacher setups. Completed most of the image *I’m getting nit picky.* All in all pretty standard. I’m looking at calling in recruits for wednesday and possibly thursday to help set up the new computers. If you’d like to be a member of that team (Colleen, Adam, Alex, and Joe will probably all receive calls from me already tonight) please take the initiative and call me. You can find my number listed on the MSA website under Tech Support.
I’ve also begun the fun process of trying to configure the IMS server for linux. It looks to be quite a daunting task already. I have a theory though: if you read all the instructions first, you can predict the problems. I’ll take my second run at it tomorrow (today).
It’s actually 8:30 am now, so I’m going to start working. I’m looking at what should be at least an 8:00 hour day. And I quite possibly will come back after dinner. New computers arrive today, so I hope to be ready for them as well. Later post readers!

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