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MSA 2.3

Well, I missed my update again yesterday. That’s ok. I was working my butt off. After working here at MSA for 12 hours, 10 of which I clocked because I claimed I had 2 hours worth of breaks, I was pretty well beat. So let’s run through what got done.
From my perspective, We imaged all 30 new computers using hard drives, a rather fast and cool way of doing it if you ask me. Spare hard drives from the compaqs may prove to be quite useful.
That was the major tast done. All the teachers have at least 1 of their computers configured. Also a very good thing. I will have to be here Tuesday morning to make sure they run fine the first day of school. I’m sure that there will be other problems as well, who knows.
Many other things were completed as well, but I’m not going to get into them right now. Dan, you’ll be happy to hear the combination of the image I made and the modifications you have made to the server have caused login speeds to drop drastically. Start menus are now local to the machine and locked. That kinda thing. Very clean images. Very easy setup. Short of the fact we’re using hard drives to restore *which goes really fast by the way*.
Ok, well I gotta get back to work. The computer I am working on is done now. So long and hopefully another post tonight!

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