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Waking up to light

Yesterday’s orientation went well. Met a new friend named Mike. Very similiar to me and he help introduce me to a few services that might be of use to me in the near future. It was nice to be able to leave at noon because I was a PSEO student. So instead of the normal 48 orientation by most freshman, and instead of the normal 8 hour orientation for transfer students, I got the 4 hour orientation for PSEO students who didn’t even really need the first 4 hours. Nice huh?
When I got home, exhausten hit me. I didn’t want to sleep. I wanted to get all my old data off the hard drive that I accidently corrupted. So I did that and was able to recover all 30 gigs of mp3s and the data that was with them. I hope to format the drive later today so I can put it back to use.
I’m tired though. I took a nap last night and then went over to Ambers and played some scrabble and watched Two Towers.
I came home and slept.
I woke up this morning, I was still tired.
So here I am. Tired. Needing to go into MSA to work, and not having the energy to move. Amber’s busy most of the day. Nikki is on her last day here. Church is tomorrow morning. Nathan is probably working. I am just about ready to sleep again, but not going to get there.
Nebraska football starts today. Any bets?
I wanna go to the casino with Sim.
I wanna Sleep
I wanna send out some invoices
I wanna finish MSA
I wanna have energy
I wanna stop writing now

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