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New Beginnings

Hotzya… That’s the word I plan on starting to use to describe a good thing. Instead of whoopie, yay, wow, OK!, awsome, amazing, wonderful!, coolio!, and about a dozen other words, I will now be saying Hotzya! Cool Huh? Now.. on with the post….
Recapping yesterdays headlines:

State Fair Trip Great, Many Sights Seen
Amber and I took our first trip together to the state fair. I was expecting it to be so overly packed that there would be long lines for everything from parking to food. However, I was amazed to find out that it was more packed last friday than it was on Labor Day.
We had a great time eating all the wonderful food and just spending the day together. DDR was not the best seeing as there was sand on my shoes. To top it all off, I am starting to get out of shape again. I am considering taking up running or some other random regulary activity. The problem is I can’t find any that seems to be both productive and excersize… I kinda like the idea of lifting things and getting paid, but I’m not sure it’s worth it.

Inventory Done: Items Found
I spent the night helping Amber out in exchange for a little more time with her. We got it all done in about the same amount of time we did before and then went our seperate ways for the night.

JR Corps sends out first official invoice
I sent out what should officially be known as JR Corps first official invoice. It’s an annual invoice and not quite as much money as I would like, but still, much better than nothing. This reminds me I have to talk to Rich and Alex about a possible job offering that I would like to pass on to one or the other.

DVD Project Testing Underway
In order to test my DVD burning capabilities a little moreso than my previous test… I have begun converting the Christmas’s of long ago to DVD. This should make both my mommy and my daddy happy. But don’t tell them, I’ll probably give it to them as some sort of gift :-).

That concludes yesterday’s headlines, on with todays.
I spent the first hours of my morning at MSA doing on-the-fly jobs for teachers. For the most part, we ran really really well. Always a good thing if you ask me. I’m getting a little more organized there. The items and such haven’t quite made it to being ‘clean’ yet, but my methodidolgy for keeping track of what jobs I have to do has gotten better.
And so far, that has been followed by my first day of school. For the most part its going well. It’s suck such that I haven’t exactly had any of my friends in them like I normally do. Not to mention, I don’t have the advantage of being a freshman in freshman classes meeting also new freshman students. I’m with Juniors and Seniors that all already have friends. Yay for me. I like being a loner anyway.
I did meet up with Sim at “Coffee”man. He was sitting with a friend he made at Baily. I think thats probably the coolest thing and something I almost find myself wishing for. He’s met all sort of women, all sorts of potential friends, and he’s going to all sorts of parties. Now, I realize that this isn’t what college is completely about, but it does sound fun. Coolest part about it all was just seeing him though. It’s always fun to catch up and I haven’t been on AIM or with him lately. Hopefully, if we get our schedules down, we can arrange times to hang and study, or play pinball or something.
I haven’t run into John or PK yet here on campus. Maybe I’ll catch John here shortly if he walks into the lab. For now though, I will assume I won’t see him today. I think tomorrow I will carry around a sheet of paper that says when all of my classes are, and alots for me to write down when everyone else’s are.
I’m also considering an online notes system. Something like Alex used to do, but a little more complex. I never considered myself to be one to type all his notes out, but I think it will help motivate me to go to class, and commit the stuff I learn to memory. I would like to see my 4.0 return this semester.
Also considering with all this free time on campus, that I’ll start carrying a floppy so I can code this website, the SMRC, and about a dozen other jobs. I am going to try to move some domains today, we’ll see how that goes…
Well post, I think this one has gotten long enough. Look forward to regular updates now that I will be at a computer more often *hopefully*.

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