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Sickly Surviving

I woke up sick this morning. Not good.
Amber came to visit me after she was done for school. She even kinda took care of me and helped me to feel better. *It’s amazing what a little medicine can do. Very Good.
Sometime while Amber was over, I check my email. Mistake.
This caused panic that I forgot I had my first lab today. Upsetting.
Came to U of M without Physics Book. Mistake 2.
Trying to understand why the lab quiz wont’t just pass me. Frustrating.
Seeking help from the Physics TA’s. Humbling.
Getting the PreLab quiz done. Awesome.
Missing two lectures because I didn’t read an email thursday. More Upsetting.
To make the long story short: I’m sick again. The med’s must have worn off or something because my nose is running and I don’t feel good. They expect me to take some sort of assessment test tonight in lab, erg is what I say to that. Amber expects me to come to a meeting tonight that she really wants me at. I should, I really should… But I wanna go home and lay down. We’ll see what I do. I am suppose to fix her mom’s computer. I will do that I guess. Oh wait Justin… what about that homework you need to do tonight.. Don’t worry.. it’ll get done.
Ok, Well, I should be in lecture right now, but instead I’m going to go back to work on what I didn’t finish.

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