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Hidden Processes

I don’t know what it is with this computer, or IT Lab computers in general.. But today they seem to be going REALLY REALLY slow. It’s as if a virus scan is running in the background with a realtime priority eating up all the processor speed. Right now I’d be happy killing the process that’s getting in my way… Maybe someone is using the computer distributed computing.. Don’t know. Either way…
Had a wonderful morning. I dropped off two computers at the small shopping center across the way from Valley Creek mall. One was Dorothy Ann’s, the other was the salons. I think the reason DA’s isn’t working is becasue the fan on the processor died and it was overheating. It seemed to be working well when I left though. That would also explain why it seemed to work better with the cover off.
The salons computer problem was even more trivial, but I’m guessing somehow the motherboard was touching the case, causing it to short out. Needless to say, I hit it nicely on the side (as nice as one can hit) and it magically started working. Now that’s what I call a love tap.
Amber was getting her hair cut while I made this deliverly. She always goes in beautiful, and always comes out stunning. It was fun to see part of the process in action… I should have taken pictures… My camera was in the car.
Yesterday was um… school for the most part. I had dinner with Amber at Ciati’s and we went up to the salon briefly to get the computer. Just a nice evening out.
OK, well… There’s your update for now people. Live long and prosper.

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