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Kinda Stressed

OK, so I’m in a relatively bad mood right now. Anyone guess why? In the pattern of bad moods lately, they all seemed to have one thing in common, my computer not working.. BAH. Story time:
So I got home last night after a great time eating popcorn and holding Amber while watching the Vikings game and playing scrabble. I decided to try this cable I picked up. It was a firewire cable for of course transfering video from a DV camera to your computer. I had yet to try the firewire abilities of my computer, so I was all excited.
I plugged the cable into the port on the top of my computer. Nothing happened in windows, so I was a little dissappointed. Within 5 seconds though, something did happen. The computer shut off… Well, kinda… The power lights were on, the cd light was on, the floppy light was on, but there was no one home…
Either way, I’m going to run up to compUSA tonight before heading to Ambers to buy a new one… If it’s not working by midnight, I’ll kill something :-). Ok, I’m going to go do real work now… Bye

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