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Rising Sun

For those of you who are curious about my last post… I just wanna say thank you for your concern… As it turns out, I am alive, and I shalt continue to live thanks to the love of my sweety, my friends, and my family(s).
Homecoming is tonight. That should be fun. Going back and seeing all the highschoolers. Yay! :-). I have some pretty good memories doing this last year, so it should be fun. Hopefully it means dinner with Amber, and maybe a movie night or DDR, or scrabble. Here’s hoping.
My computer is working as well. There seems to be a glitch with Seti that I can’t quite pinpoint. There also seems to be a glitch with the bootup sequence, but it’s still fairly fine. My higher priority right now is something to do with the DVD Burner… I haven’t had any luck keeping the audio in sync with the video.
Other than that, I’m just posting. So thats that… Oh, I should mention, Physics sucks. 🙂

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