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Rewire and Businesses

I’m going to be at MSA shortly doing the second annual rewire. Sound like Adam Bartz will be joining me, that’d be cool.
But here’s the main note of this post: JR Corps in in the process of becoming official. IE: incorporating, getting Tax ID’s, etc. As it turns out, we have to become incorporated if we want corp in our name… Strangly enough, that creates some issues… There’s a rather high chance we won’t be able to get our name… So here’s the rules…
I want people to either submit in the ISMS or in Email *preferably the ISMS, for publication reasons* ideas for new names for the company. It must contain JR somewhere in the title. It must end with Corp./Co./Inc. in example:
JR Corp Inc. is a legal name and will be what I try for first and formost…
Justin’s JR Corp Inc.
Richard‘s JR Corp Inc.
Justin and Richard‘s JR Corp Inc.
JR Cyberworks Corp.
Hopefully from that you get an idea of what I’m looking for. Make your submissions by this monday, for that’s when I start filing paper work and making phone calls.

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