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4 Months

Hard to believe people, but this lowsy rainy day is actually a day of celebration. It’s a day of much joy. It is the day we show the world that yes, we are still alive… And yes… We will continue to survive… Despite any trials or tribulations that spring up along the way! It is… AMBER’S and MYSELF’S 4-MONTH ANIVERSARY. In honor of this blessid event… I plan on changing the front page logo as soon as I remember to do it :-).
So whats the plan? Dinner and a movie. Anything overly special like 3 months? Probably not… Why not? To make the long story short, it’s been a rough week.
What am I doing now… Finishing up at MSA as fast as possible.
What was done? More on that later…
What now? Goodbye.

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